Customer support case study


Enhanced Customer Service for Greater Customer Engagement

Today’s call centres, with their multi-channel capabilities, are now contact centres, or even customer engagement centres. They are outfitted with the latest in technology, to provide a richer experience for the company, its customers, and its agents.

Phykon was approached by a manufacturing business facing challenges in customer service. They needed cost-effective solutions to address their current limitations in providing wider assistance to their valuable customers.

The client is a manufacturer of high-quality, durable and trendy apparels, with booming online sales. With a frontrunner attitude that matches their position as a global market provider, our client wanted to provide wider customer service that aligns with their much-loved products.

Our client was looking to provide active engagement and service. They wanted to include more channels of communication and form an overarching customer service strategy. They were hoping to resolve issues via phone, email, messaging services, live chat and social media.

Challenges faced by the business:

The apparel-manufacturer’s business has been flourishing online and has developed a strong customer base. They had good products and happy customers.

However, they were facing challenges in terms of reachability in customer support. They were using limited phone lines and largely resorted to emails. For this reason, they were not able to address most customer concerns and were slow in their response. They didn’t want to risk losing customers to competitors. Their employees were struggling to handle their core jobs and were finding their roles complex, as they were attending to customer queries and complaints too.

The solution proposed

Phykon deployed its inbound contact centre team adept at handling customer service. With more than a decade of experience in customer service, we know what works and what doesn’t. Accurate problem identification and swift resolutions are important for a smoother customer experience.

Our inbound contact centre service was utilized to increase phone support and to include multiple channels. Trained, experienced and skilled agents were assigned for scalable 24/7 customer service. They began interacting with the client’s customers across channels. Average handling times were reduced and issues were resolved quickly.

Several critical processes were improved. For example, product returns which once took several weeks were handled swiftly. Responses to emails became quicker. When more communication channels were included, customers could reach out to the brand on their platform of choice at any time of the day and in most instances, received instantaneous replies.

The Results

Phykon was able to solve the client’s communication problems and strengthen the reach of their customer support. The results were:

  • Interactions were made possible via various channels – phone, email, messaging, live chat, social media
  • More phone support and an IVR system ensured that customers didn’t have to wait long to speak to an agent.
  • Customers can interact on the channel of their preference.
  • Seamless omni-channel integration — customers don’t have to repeat their queries or complaints when switching channels.
  • Greater employee engagement due to lesser work pressure.


The cost-effective inbound call centre solution offered by Phykon helped this client reach out better to existing customers. They could rope in more customers too based on their wider customer support. They have experience a gain in ROI and reduction in overall costs. They have also reported an increase in employee engagement.

Phykon’s solution leads to quicker resolutions, happier customers and engaged employees. A win-win-win for the client!