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Bring all your business functions onto a single, effortless, custom ERP platform — And improve visibility, productivity and collaboration!

Can you imagine a workplace where everyone stays connected, with true visibility into every activity and real-time, up-to-the minute data access?
We can.

Phykon’s powerful ERP solution helps you achieve all this and more. We can help you create a future-ready business and overcome resource constraints to deliver technology value through our unique ERP services.

Pursue new capabilities and collaborate with people inside and outside your team to drive work forward. Share a single view of real-time activity to make proactive decisions and maintain business continuity. Know what is happening, when and where. In real-time.

Control the details of a complex business by linking all departments together to maximise productivity and profitability. A single, simple ERP solution can help you manage operations, sales, HR, accounting, production, inventory, store, POS and regulatory reporting with real-time updates within a unified platform.

Businesses now face heightened requirements around speed, relevance and continuity. There is a clear priority now to target functional gaps, under-performing tools, disparate applications managing disparate functions, and rigid platforms that deliver marginal business value. We get it.

This is why a smart, cost-effective ERP solution is relevant now more than ever. So, how do you create a different ERP system with totally transformational outcomes?

ERP Customization – For Real Value.

Maxed out. Straight jacketed. Is that how you feel when you work with rigid legacy ERP software? With legacy software, you have to make do with what the vendors give you. A rigid package. You are made to toe their line. If this sounds familiar, rest assured you are not alone. ERP systems need not be “set and forget”. They can be optimized to realize business value. Proper customization and implementation are key to delivering technology value.

And one of the main reasons our ERP solutions are popular is because it is easily customisable to your specific needs. A gap analysis can give you an idea of the right customization you need to get the right fit. And for this, you need to experience our ERP customization services.

With ERP customisation through our expert service, you can design the system to your needs and liking. You get flexibility and fluidity. We do not target “plug and play”. We customize and configure — to suit your business needs. With a wide range of service offerings, you’ll only need to choose the right level of customization that works for you.

Our ERP customization and implementation projects are tailored for adaptability and scalability. We lay emphasis on maximising the efficiency and user-friendliness of the application while at the same, aligning with your business goals.

The modular nature of the ERP solution gives you control to select the functions you need to increase operational control and effectiveness.

Tailored ERP Solutions — What’s in it for You?

Maintain all Data in a Single Location

You can aggregate all your data in a single location ensuring easy access and real-time updation. All information flows easily and seamlessly into the system, for anytime access. Makes sharing information much easier across the company.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get accurate, actionable insights through ERP reports that use real-time data. You no longer have to submit requests for information and await approvals. Nor do you have to track down data from multiple disparate sources. Generate customizable reports with ease — Intuitive tools make ERP reporting easy for anyone to use.

Greater Operational Efficiency

You can increase and enhance operational efficiencies through our ERP system. Greater visibility allows you to see all points in the supply chain. Accelerate operations with automated work processes. Integrated data and real-time updates help you make faster and well-informed decisions.

Workflow Automation & Management

Anything from customer orders to management approval to product planning can be streamlined, integrated and tracked. Do away with manual tracking! Handle custom, complex workflows through automation, with ease and simplicity. Get a complete audit trail of tasks performed increasing accountability and transparency.

Regulatory Compliance

Keep track of regulatory requirements and ensure compliance. Monitor changes in the system and fix it well in time. Compliance requirements can not only be met, but can even be exceeded.

Smarter Customer Support

You can now query a common database and receive real-time updates on order status. Provide customers with concrete answers by viewing processes in real-time. Swift, accurate answers could mean the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Data Security

Our ERP solution ensures data security and integrity. You can reduce the risk of security breaches and safeguard sensitive data by granting different access rights to different users.

Flexible Modularity

Pick and choose what you need and leave out what you don’t. Truly tailored ERP solutions allow you to put together exactly what your business needs, and get new features whenever there’s a new requirement.

Focused IT costs

Invest in a single, centralized ERP system — It unifies IT costs and reduces training requirements. Avoid spending resources on multiple systems that need dedicated staff, support, infrastructure and licences.

Main ERP modules

HR Management Module

Finance Module

CRM Module

Project Management Module

Supply Chain Management Module

Sales and Marketing Module

Inventory Management

Vendor Management

Subsidiary modules

Projects Dashboard



Time Tracking System


Invoice Database

Employee Resources

Order Management

Accounting and Billing

Customization, done right

Poorly managed customization can affect performance and can interfere with future upgradation, delayed implementation or even, failure. So, how do we get the customization done to suit your unique requirements? How do we create a different ERP system with totally transformational outcomes?

Need-Gap Analysis

First, we analyse your business processes to know your requirements. We understand how your business functions, what changes you need and how best we can bring those changes into effect. We assess what tweaks you need to ensure desired outcomes. We identify customizations that address and fulfil your business’s needs. Our team of experts will suggest the perfect ERP solution that fits your business like a glove.

ERP Customization

Every business is unique — what works for one need not work for another. Phykon’s ERP solution comes with unlimited customization and personalization benefits. We can build a customised solution that works best for your business.

ERP Integration & Installation

The customised and personalised solution is integrated into your existing business systems. Glitches, if any, are identified and fixed. We ensure that the software runs smoothly. This is when all efforts pay off and the software takes over.

Fully Integrated and Customizable ERP Services

Seamlessly integrate existing business processes into ERP system

Hosting, installation, implementation, migration and configuration for the ERP framework

Development and customization of ERP modules for your specific business needs

Support to use and maintain your custom ERP system

Effective migration from older ERP version to newer ones

Expert ERP consultation to assess gaps and design custom functionality

Phykon’s ERP solutions can get a lot of things done for your business. Plan operations? Yes.
Reduce resource wastage? Certainly. Manage remote teams? Absolutely.
View your entire business in singularity? You said it!

You can create a different future with a different outcome through
bespoke ERP solutions from Phykon.

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We plan for and pursue desired change and defined outcomes throughout the project.
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