Contact Centre

Customer service at the speed of thought a.k.a. AI Powered Contact Centres

Picture this. The latest smartphone a customer ordered from your website is malfunctioning. He is desperately trying to reach you, but the IVR system is asks him to wait for 10 more minutes. The call is on hold for ages and amongst all the uncertainty, one thing the customer is certain about, is never buying another product from your site.

What we are proposing though is a customer experience that’s the exact opposite of the above scenario. By creating an AI Powered Contact Centre, your organisation can offer customer support in real-time. AI, with its ability to multitask and quickly respond with automated queries, is transforming customer care interactions across the globe. With automation-assisted customer service solutions, there is no need to keep the customers waiting anymore. While AI runs the show, your company can save on hiring more staff, as tasks like giving answers to basic questions can be automated. And when the queries become complex, RPA assisted chat support can seamlessly connect the customer to a real service agent who can help solve the problem. AI & RPA Powered Contact Centre Solutions can also gather data about a customer to deliver a more meaningful service experience to eventually increase customer satisfaction and sales.

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