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Customer Support

Retention of customers is crucial for any organization. We focus on offering the best customer service solutions and retention strategies to ensure that customer loyalty and retention rates significantly increase. Our in-depth knowledge and skills help customers to make use of products correctly and effectively. At Phykon, we make a difference by helping in troubleshooting, upgrading, maintenance, software and hardware installation, and more. We provide best customer service solutions or best customer support across multiple channels such as telephone calls, e-mails, online customer support service , good customer services, SMS, etc. Our advanced equipment uses cutting-edge technology to support and seamlessly provide outstanding customer support services to address the concerns of customers.

Customer support
Customer support

Live Chat

Customers sometimes choose the oddest of hours to interact with your products and services. So, what if a genuine customer wants to clarify their doubts after office hours? With Phykon by your side, the best RPA (Robotic Process Automation) chat support services will ensure that your customers always receive prompt replies, service support and relevant information round the clock.

Email Support

A mission-critical service offering, best email support services ensure that your customers can interact with your customer services or good customer services team at the time of their convenience, and expect to receive correct responses in a timely fashion. Our email support services save the day in scenarios where the customer and the support team don’t have the need to interact on an immediate basis.

Phone Support

Need a team to interact on the phone with your customers to offer new products, or get feedback or even resolve product issues? The experienced team at Phykon has been performing these functions with tremendous success for clients from a range of sectors. We can make a difference in your business too.

24/7 Support

For a constantly logged-in world, your business too needs to be ready to offer sales and after-sales services on a 24/7 basis. Phykon can assist you in effortlessly transforming your business into a round-the-clock operation by offering a suite of services that customers can access any time from any part of the globe.

Social Media Support

An effective social media presence is sometimes the key to access a broad set of new customers. From new sales to service support, social media platforms can be creatively used for your brand’s benefit. Our team of experts can help you create and maintain a social media presence that helps customers access your brand with ease.

Customer Satisfaction

We employ the best customer service solutions and retention strategies to help you hold on to your existing customer base while acquiring new ones. As your business expands and reaches out to a large target group, Phykon’s expertise in emerging domains like RPA assisted tech support will help you get the best customer outcomes.

Customer Experience

To deliver and consistently maintain a high level of excellence in customer experience, Phykon leverages the power of RPA in customer service. By using the best AI tech support technologies and procedures alongside a team of well-trained professionals, Phykon aims to set new standards in AI customer experience.