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Changing lifestyles and easier access have increased customer demand and global sales of fast-moving consumer goods. Our client was an FMCG distributor who had to cater to daily customer orders, and in large amounts. As the clientele too expanded, the distributor had to spend more time on back-office operations and customer service.

Challenges Faced by the Business

Our client distributes products with a shorter shelf life. Hence, order fulfilment and timely delivery remained their top priority. The company’s growth resulted in a bottleneck as it was spending a considerable amount of time, effort and money in back-office staffing to attend to mounting customer orders and requests, but was unable to focus on business development. They were on the lookout for an experienced back-office system provider who could handle these tasks and retain customers so that they could concentrate on core business activities.


By analysing the challenges of FMCG sector, and especially our client’s requirements, Phykon provided the following solutions:

- Taking over all the back-office tasks to help the client focus on their core competencies.

- Automating processes to cut back on manual effort, increase accuracy and reduce delays.

- Deploying a team of back office experts, experienced in executing back office tasks.

- Develop and deploy a customized solution based on our vast experience in working with agencies/distributors serving different segments of the market using various management systems.

- Offering the client a well-managed back office support system, resources, team leaders and project managers who would watch over the team closely to ensure that all tasks were completed within the stipulated time.


The team was able to offer the best back-office support services and successfully handle all the back-office requirements to deliver the following results:

Built a constructive collaboration with the client over the years and created complete customer satisfaction.

High-cost manual processes were eliminated after we automated almost 40% of the back-office operations.

Our trained and experienced back office team ensured that our client did not have to scout for or manage trained back office staff.

Client now focuses on innovative supply chain management and on expanding their customer base, instead of spending time on inefficient back-office paperwork.


Phykon has been providing streamlined, automated back-office solutions and many other services to several companies around the world. Our cost-effective services are attuned to your business requirements. Phykon’s long-standing experience in the industry helps us understand the nature of the task and deliver services accordingly.

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