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Ensure Seamless Service With Robust IT Monitoring And Reporting


Effective IT monitoring and reporting is essential to deliver reliable and uninterrupted IT services to your end-users. IT infrastructure monitoring tools enable businesses to diagnose performance and availability issues across the complete technology stack. Problems can be identified and fixed early, before performance is affected.

A healthcare organization offering a spectrum of health services needed a robust IT infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution. They required a system with dashboards, customer alerts, and reporting which was capable enough to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client didn’t have a proper monitoring and reporting tool to diagnose the performance and availability of connected hardware devices. The unexpected failure of hardware devices resulted in loss of revenue. They were not able to track the health and performance of servers and network devices. They needed a solution which could early detect the occurrence of server overloads, failure of hardware devices, connectivity issues and crashes.


We offered a solution which was capable of real-time monitoring network devices, virtual machines, physical servers, and applications across multiple platforms. The system could monitor any number of infrastructure elements. It also ensured that the system administrators got access to the information they needed for proactive approach rather a reactive one. Phykon’s automated real-time infrastructure monitoring system allows the client to take immediate action before something goes wrong.


Phykon’s automated infrastructure monitoring and reporting system helped the client in achieving optimal performance with minimal human intervention. It assisted the client in performance monitoring, network and data movement monitoring, reporting and logging, health monitoring and generating alerts. Collecting and reviewing infrastructure data on an ongoing basis helped the client measure the current status and overall performance of their network.


The system was cost-effective and improved operational efficiency of the client. Our solution easily fits into the client’s existing data centre topology without impacting performance. Phykon’s Network Security Monitoring solution can easily be scaled up or down to efficiently handle unexpected peaks and high seasonal network traffic. Our Infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution gives insight and overview at the same time. The client now has better network responsiveness. Our solution allowed them to pinpoint imminent failures before they impact performance. Real-time awareness about their infrastructure helped the client to identify the root cause of the issue and solve them with minimal time and effort.

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