Customer support case study

Inbound & Outbound Contact Center Support for an

energy services company in a deregulated market


The State of Victoria in southeastern Australia has some of the highest power tariffs in the country. Due to various power and gas policies, the tariffs in the State have gone up by almost 20% over the past few years. UtilityDeals is a reputed name in the market which offers residents and businesses an opportunity to compare tariffs and find the best one that suits their budget and consumption patterns. The company was looking for a modern solution to compare and measure energy bills for the benefit of its existing and future customers.

The Challenges

Victoria is a deregulated market that has a diverse range of customers who are unwilling to switch to a new energy deal. This is mainly because they value their time over rewards and money. On the other hand, customers who are unwilling to pay higher energy bills look for better offers and deals. As a company, UtilityDeals encountered the following challenges:

  • Creating attractive plans that influence customers to switch to new energy deals
  • Approach the market with new prices for power and gas
  • Establish suppliers in Victoria to serve different customers
  • Serve customers with affordability, reliability, consistency, and sustainability

Australian states

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The Solution

Clients joined hands with Phykon to develop a unique solution that could benefit its customers as well as the company. Both companies worked together to implement and drive client sales processes. The emphasis was on providing rich Automation Assisted Customer Service Solutions, best contact centre support and best Customer Service Solutions Outsourcing services to customers and enhance the business operations. Phykon’s comprehensive portfolio helped clients acquire new customers through our professional sales team. Our team of B2C specialists designed a pilot program to sell their products and services to the Australian market. The solution included consulting, implementation of strategies, managing the customer database, promoting and selling new products & services to retain customers, and data protection.

The Outcome

30% increase in the
customer database
Established reliability
by offering better rates
Higher customer
Improved long-term
customer retention