Order management case study


Best order management solutions to help you scale your SME affordably


Our client has a global presence with a well-accomplished business in the e-commerce domain. The company was managing all the facets of the business which include sales and marketing, order management, finance management, technical support, logistics and customer services.

The Challenges

In line with their growth plans, the company was not finding enough time for business expansion while handling everyday operations like order-processing, tracking and customer inquiries. The everyday activities hindered the owner's focus on marketing and business expansion activities. They wanted to offer consistent and timely best customer service which would build an excellent rapport with customers and reduce churn. Focus areas included 24-hour order processing, refunds and order tracking. Due to budget constraints the company was not looking at investing in an in-house customer service team, office and technology infrastructure.

The Solution

We offered the client the best RPA solutions and advised them to outsource the order management process completely to Phykon. This process comprised of validation of online orders, order tracking, order placement, refunds, product queries, exception handling like cancellations or modifications of orders and other best customer service related activities using the best RPA software. A devoted team of professionals were trained on the various terminologies and the usage of the online order management system to offer the best RPA order processing capabilities. In the initial stages the core team was trained extensively to use the best RPA automation software, and this contributed immensely to the success of this business model.

Phykon also went ahead and developed the proprietary methodologies for online-order authentication and validation. Another solution was migrating to email mode of technical support along with the inbound sales handled initially. Phykon also carried out process training on different activities to help the customer to focus on business-expansion activities.

The Outcome

This project resulted in a successful partnership model signifying the efficiency of virtual business with the customer and a support team spread across different states.

An increase of 300 percent in order volumes since we have started handling the order management process and provided assistance in sales and marketing.