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Custom Consulting Services For Minimizing IT Costs And Faster Resource Delivery


Organizations often get overwhelmed by the number of choices and options available in IT consultancy services. But it is important to choose the right one that will work with you to understand your needs and help you meet your business goals. Viable consultancy services can guide and equip you with the tools needed to move your business forward.

Businesses are now widely implementing virtualization technology to free up resources, boost performance, enhance security, and cut costs. It is a way to reduce the number of systems you have to support and manage. An application development firm needed help to choose and implement the right virtualization solution tailored to meet their IT requirements and business goals.

Challenges Faced by the Business

Optimized development and test environment were essential for the client to create and improve applications and services. They were experiencing delays in the development cycle and slower delivery of resources to the developers due to unoptimized infrastructure. The client required a virtualization solution that provides self-service portals for developers. They also needed streamlined resource provisioning and management and better visibility into resource use.


Phykon offered the client customized consulting by scrutinizing their existing IT environment. Our certified team of experts analysed their business requirements and technical objectives to decide whether it makes sense to leverage the virtualization technology. Before offering the right solution, the client’s existing performance data was collected. Our team analysed their operation rates and current server capacities. After proper analysis, we offered the client a comprehensive plan of action and a complete strategy of the new virtualized environment. Phykon helped the client transform their physical machines to virtual ones and combine multiple virtual servers into a sole physical server.


Phykon’s solution offered centralized and automated resource management which improved resource delivery speed. The solution enabled application developers to use a single self-service catalogue to request network and storage resources. It considerably reduced the number of portals they need to use.


The solution offered automated provisioning which accelerated delivery and ensured that resources are configured in compliance with policies. The new virtualized environment made administration and control more easier. Phykon’s custom consulting services also helped in cost reduction.

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