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Cloud Environment Support To Reduce Complexities in IT Infrastructure


Our client was a growing FMCG firm which manufactured, distributed and marketed fast-moving consumer goods including packaged food products. The company had its branches at four locations and client base ranging from sole traders to wholesale dealers in multiple locations.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client was maintaining local servers at multiple locations. Management and maintenance of multiple servers became difficult as their clientele expanded. They had to employ administrators at each location which was also too expensive. They needed a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain infrastructure which enabled them to manage the entire data from a single control point.


Phykon transformed the client’s existing infrastructure into a cost-effective one, by consolidating the servers with VMware. Our solution assisted them to revise internal services regularly. We helped the client in modernizing and optimizing database systems, CMS, anti-virus software, local network, monitoring systems and more. Our solution automated their routine activities like user creation, application setup, database updates and others. The client was also offered consultations on how to improve scalability and performance by upgrading or modifying their IT infrastructure.


Phykon’s cost-effective cloud infrastructure support solution helped the client to effectively manage client data across all four branches from a centralized location. It helped the client in maintaining and improving system uptime and security. In addition, our solution offered the following.

Enhanced mobility and high availability of service.

Enabled branches at different locations to seamlessly work together in the same secured cloud services environment.
Cloud services had 99% uptime guarantee.

Increased data security.

Better scalability and improved performance.


Phykon offered these services to the FMCG firm at a minimal capital outlay. Our solution made the client compliant with the latest data protection regulations. The client was able to enhance the experience of their technical support agents with Phykon’s cost-effective solution. Their branches at different locations merged into a simplified IT network which is hosted and maintained in the cloud.

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