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Customized ERP Solution For E-commerce Business


Changing customer preferences have forced businesses to simplify the customer experience and keep pace with the latest technologies. Customized ERP solutions will help you to standardize your business processes. Our client had an online store as well as a retail outlet and they needed a hassle-free enterprise management solution to manage both at a minimal cost.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client had to maintain their retail shop and also pick-up their online store orders. Improving warehouse management and real-time reporting and monitoring of inventory were their top priority. They needed real-time information on the availability of the products directly on the online store. As the client had a retail shop they also had to integrate point of sales to e-commerce. The client had to sell the same product in different sizes. Hence, product variant management was also a major concern. They also had to support multi-webshop architecture, multiple languages and currencies.


Phykon offered a customized ERP solution tailored to satisfy client requirements. Our customized ERP solution helped the client in master data management. The new system provided centralized access to product, customer and supplier information with automatic duplication barring. Availability of products, customer information and product images were available directly from the point of sales terminal. The solution also assisted the client in warehouse management.


The client was able to manage both their retail shop and eCommerce business efficiently with a single solution.
Our customized ERP solution enabled them to maintain an easy flow of information within different departments.

Our solution assisted the client in purchase management, inventory value monitoring and automated stock updates.
The solution also offered automatic purchase proposals based on order-points.


Customized ERP solutions will help you decrease processing time, enhance performance and organize your warehouse better. It will help you follow the most efficient stocking method and improve your internal operations. Greater flexibility and easy adaptation to requirements made our solution the most appropriate one for eCommerce business.

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