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Phykon’s Strong BCP and DR Protocols

Road to Recovery:

How Phykon’s Strong BCP and DR Protocols Protected a Tier 1 Client


Due to the sensitive nature of recent cyber breaches, we have created this case study to demonstrate the importance of having regularly-updated and effective BCP and DR protocols. We cannot emphasise more on how swiftness and efficiency of incident response and considerations for remedial actions are crucial to an organisation. The right kind of strategy can minimise downtime, reduce serious risks and prevent staggering costs.

This case study is inspired by real matters upon which we have advised, and is based on the actionable BCP and DR protocols Phykon has devised for this client.

Challenges Faced by the Business

Our client, a Tier 1 corporate in the Australian dairy industry, experienced a major cyber attack in the early weeks of June 2020. The attack disrupted their systems and supply chain infrastructure, bringing the entire business to a complete halt.

As they are in the dairy industry, our client deals with products having a shorter shelf life. And so, efficient order fulfilment and timely delivery have always remained their top priority. The timing of the cyber attack couldn’t have been more challenging for the client and its industry partners, with businesses limping back into regular operations after COVID-19 closures.


Following the cyber attack, our client’s systems were down causing an overflow of deliverables (including the deliverables of the onsite team). To minimise the severity of the attack, their onsite IT team closed access to their servers and most systems. The client’s onsite team members were not able to login to their systems. They were unable to process daily orders and they started to experience an overflow of deliverables.

Phykon was immediately engaged to manage and contain the situation, and to help in handling their side of the delivery. To make matters complicated, the time to fulfil the deliverables along with the on-site volume was the same as usual.

Our team started work immediately, aided by our IT experts, to assess the situation and seamlessly resume operations with minimal disruption.

The Solution

Phykon set up a special team of experts with vast experience in order processing and IT functions. We have been working as their extended team, for the past 10 years, helping them process millions of orders and handle customer service. And so, we knew their specific requirements.

By doubling our capacity overnight and integrating automation with process re-structuring, we were successful in averting a total disaster for our clients.

We reworked our resource planning and pulled all our resources (man and machine) to minimise damage. We orchestrated a well-managed combination of ample staff strength with extended hours and additional shifts to ensure that our client got the support they needed.

Further, we divided work packets and allocated them in such a way that the Phykon team could continue to perform at peak in spite of the increase in volume.

This helped our client to minimise the damage caused by the attack, focus more on rectifying on-site issues and restore the business without being worried about service delivery.

We also worked closely with our client to tweak workflows to increase productivity. Given the nature of the cyberattack, while all regular modes of communication were no longer available, we transitioned into alternate communication channels. The bridge of communication remained unbroken and this aided in seamless team collaboration.

When our client migrated to a new server environment, we modified our access and work processes accordingly. Constant improvements and process enhancements backed by our IT team, heightened our flexibility, which went hand-in-hand with changes at our client’s end.

The Results

We were able to get the client back on track and address the spike in operational needs post cyberattack, with minimal disruptions in service.

The continuity and recovery solutions designed for the client met their delivery requirements. This was an outcome that could have turned out differently, had it not been for Phykon’s never-failing, robust BCP and DR protocols.

Recovery plans kicked into place seamlessly and work continued uninterrupted — with 0% operational disruption and a 100% data security!

The client had swift, easy and uninterrupted access to our resources and expertise during the contingency.

The special team that was put together allowed our client to free up onsite resources and focus completely on containing the threat on-site without worrying about service delivery.
They experienced minimal downtime.

Turnaround times were curbed considerably in spite of the excess in order processing requirements.


Phykon is uniquely positioned to help you build your business resilience — simply because we’ve been there, done that, with a 100% success! Each business is unique and so is the back-up solution which can be designed. Specific strategies must be drawn out for specific needs to ensure a resilient business that can withstand unpredicted events.

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