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Prioritize investment in Reliable Infrastructure To Offer Work From Home Support


The COVID-19 crisis forced businesses to quickly shift to remote work environments. Shelter-in-place directives and the increasing number of COVID cases made work from home a necessity rather than a luxury. The sudden shift brought in multiple challenges to the business world. While some companies faced these challenges rather painlessly, some others are still struggling to catch up. A consumer-goods distributor approached Phykon as they faced difficulty in migrating to remote work environments.

Challenges Faced by the Business

Moving all employees to remote workplaces and creating a virtual workforce overnight was a herculean task for our client. They didn’t have the right infrastructure in place to facilitate a successful transition. They required technical assistance to allow secure access to the services and information needed to support employees working remotely. The client needed a solution through which the employees can collaborate and communicate seamlessly without compromising on security.


Phykon offered a future proof solution which helped the employees run the core business applications and office suits at the comfort of their homes. Our solution offered proper access controls to manage employee access to the systems needed for their respective roles. It also provided multi-factor authentication for critical systems and sensitive data. To encourage face-to-face employee interaction we implemented video conferencing solution and conference bridge facility for daily meetings.


Phykon’s solution ensured that the employees have access to all required technologies they need at home. The solution is future-proof and it does not need expensive replacement or maintenance in the near future. The client also receives automated system updates. All employees were able to work from home without any technology interruptions.


The impact of the pandemic may stay with us for long, it can be considered as the wake-up call for many organizations. Businesses should have a proper strategy to handle un-anticipated work from home mandates. Phykon’s cost-effective solution can provide technology and infrastructure support to seamlessly set up remote work environments.

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