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Better Visibility Into Network Traffic With Agile Security Monitoring System


No matter how large or small your business is, when your system is connected to a network it is always under the risk of data loss and sabotages. An efficient security monitoring system is essential to protect and secure your intellectual property. An up-and-coming eCommerce firm approached Phykon for a network security monitoring system to protect their highly distributed networks.

Challenges Faced by the Business

Being an eCommerce firm, the client had to store and process information related to pricing, shipping and inventory. They worked on the cloud, private, virtual and hybrid environments. Online purchase and customer interactions took place through different networks. Distributed networks and hybrid environments made it difficult to detect data breach issues. It also resulted in lack of visibility into the network traffic.


Phykon developed a solution to support both the virtual and physical environment of the client. It protected the client’s workstations from harmful spyware. Phykon’s network security monitoring system had dynamic policy controls along with advanced threat management across physical, virtual and cloud environments. The software-based, distributed solution ensured better visibility into the network. It could also identify, contain and suggest the remedy for potential threats. Phykon’s solution could easily integrate into other security monitoring tools to provide centralised alerting and reporting.


Phykon’s network security monitoring system made the client’s network more reliable and secure. The system was not only capable of monitoring network traffic, but it also helped in early detection and resolution of potential threats. Continuous monitoring of network transactions eliminated lag and downtime.


The system was cost-effective and improved operational efficiency of the client. Our solution easily fits into the client’s existing data centre topology without impacting performance. Phykon’s Network Security Monitoring solution can easily be scaled up or down to efficiently handle unexpected peaks and high seasonal network traffic.

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