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Content Optimization Strategies To Increase Organic Traffic And Sales


Content optimization is an important aspect of every digital marketing strategy. With the right optimization, your content, by itself, can be a powerful tool in generating more organic and social media traffic. A readable copy, eye-catchy visuals and presence of most suitable keywords will attract more visits and better returns. Informative and persuasive content is essential for online sales.

In eCommerce, buyers can’t physically touch or feel the product. And so, their buying decisions depend heavily on the website content. An eCommerce firm approached Phykon, their requirement was to optimize their website content and improve its ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client, a budding eCommerce firm, had not yet focused on digital marketing activities in any form. They also did not have optimized, SEO-friendly content on their website. They were channelling all their efforts into setting up the eCommerce platform and building relevant software applications. The client wished to make more sales by expanding their customer base and widening their reach. The eCommerce firm sought Phykon’s help to improve their website visibility in SERP. It will help in driving more customers to the eCommerce site through organic search.


Phykon worked closely with the client to identify what they wanted to focus on and feature more. We implemented two main strategies to help the client achieve their goal. Initially, we resolved minor issues in the client’s website and ensured that there were no broken or hidden links on the site which would affect the SEO ranking. Our digital marketing executives researched keywords that are most appropriate for the eCommerce client. Our team did a thorough research on the client’s competitors to find out where our client lacked. This helped us to identify what their audience wanted and generate similar content for the website.

Later, the page titles and meta descriptions were optimized. The existing web content was also optimized with relevant keywords. The website space was utilised by displaying relevant content fine-tuned to targeted customer profiles. Our team generated personalized content based on customer profiles, real-time browsing and buying behaviours. We also posted relevant content on social media to engage more with the buyers and to analyze their preferences. Regular social media posts with backlinks to the eCommerce site is an efficient way to attract more audience. We also started publishing blogs, product guides and product comparisons regularly to keep the visitors engaged and stay longer on the eCommerce site. Our team ensured that either primary or secondary keywords were present in each blog or article on the client’s website.


Phykon’s solution improved the overall visibility of the client’s eCommerce website.

We helped them grow from no first page ranking to consistent first page ranking.

Presence of keywords in content and headings, optimized titles and meta descriptions improved the websites SEO ranking.
We added high-ranking Google Keywords to their content leading to greater visibility.

It generated more organic traffic to their eCommerce site.
The highly engaging content made visitors stay longer and purchase more products.


The eCommerce client witnessed a steady increase in their website traffic and sales in a few months. Phykon’s solution helped in increasing the number of visitors to the client’s website and significantly improved sales and revenue.

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