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Higher Search Traffic And Brand Visibility With Proven Digital Marketing Strategies


Our client was a manufacturer and distributor of security equipment. Their range of products included surveillance cameras, baby monitors, GPS trackers and more. The client’s offline marketing efforts were working well but their online traffic, lead generation and sales were not meeting the targets. They sought our help to promote their brand online and to place themselves among the top security products manufacturers in their region.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client’s offline marketing efforts helped them to get popularity among customers in and around the locality. But it didn’t help them to generate the desired amount of traffic to their website and meet internal sales goals. The client approached Phykon to achieve this through digital marketing.

The client wanted to increase their website ranking and get popular among online users too, thereby expanding their customer base and overall sales. They did not have the expertise or the know-how or the right tools to get this done. Digital marketing needs consistent efforts in terms of content creation and tracking to narrow down on the most suitable course of action that gets you the ROI you want.


Phykon continually-audited the client’s site and forwarded our recommendations to their development team. We strongly believe that smooth and streamlined SEO-to-Developer relations will result in ranking improvements. The development team immediately transformed our list of fixes into action.

We developed an integrated site-wide keyword strategy. First, clunky and overly technical language was removed from the website. We uncovered user intent and organized the site’s content. We tidied up page titles and meta descriptions. Primary and secondary keywords were added in the page title, headings, subheadings and main content and linked appropriately. More focus was placed on adding all relevant primary keywords on the landing page. We also ensured that all images on the client’s website had an image alt tag or alternate text description. It helped users with text-only browsers or screen readers to easily locate the client’s webpage.

There was no analytics to speak of and so we set to task and utilised Google Analytics to count the number of site visitors and those who were placing orders. We used data received to see how well the site performed and tweaked our efforts accordingly.

We researched the kind of Google searches the client’s potential customers were making. There was a lot of search conducted around surveillance equipment and there were competitors too.

Our content marketing team carried out the digital engagement and outreach efforts for the client. Close research on the security products manufacturing sector through social media helped us understand recent trends and scope for future developments in the sector. We then created content from expertise-based information from our client. Business blogging, social media posts with creative graphics, emails carrying shareable information snippets, etc. formed a bulk of our content-based promotion.

We spread our efforts across their various products and doubled down on our campaigns by roping the power of social media too. For example, we promoted baby monitors among new parents, young mothers, pregnant women, gadget enthusiasts and related babycare/childcare/pregnancy/parenting platforms. We focused on the relative simplicity of design, ease of use and wireless capabilities of the client’s products. Our research also brought up the fact that consumers were looking for monitors with smart technology, which our client’s products had. These were aspects that we included in social media content and the website blog.


Our solution increased the average monthly searches for the clients brand due to increased brand awareness.
Our client was listed one among the top 8 positions in SERP.

The number of website visitors went up.

Number of site visitors through Google search went up.

The right digital marketing strategy increased keyword visibility.

Our solution increased the click-through rate and reduced the bounce rate of the client’s website.
We could target specific categories of customers through social media and generate interest.
We even got online platforms mentioning and discussing our client’s brand and products.

The client not only saw positive brand reviews on social media, we even promoted these comments getting them more traffic.
In the end, online sales and enquiries increased, and is now their number one source of revenue.


The client witnessed an overall increase in website traffic, customer enquiries, and overall sales. They were not only able to realise their initial goal of bettering online sales, but were also able to build brand visibility online through their website and social media. This shows that the right mix of digital marketing techniques can move the needle in any marketing campaign.

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