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Digital Marketing Solutions To Improve Brand Visibility, Recall and Sales For FMCG Client


Digital upsurge has greatly altered the FMCG business landscape. The conventional method of FMCG product marketing was focused on Product, Price, Place and Promotion. To an extent, it was successful in influencing the purchase decisions of the target audience. But the customer’s buying decisions have evolved a lot during this digital era making it imperative for marketing strategies to evolve too.

Apart from traditional media, there are a number of sources through which you can introduce your products to the customers. As most customers prefer to shop online for FMCG products, a full-funnel digital marketing strategy is the need of the hour for FMCG brands. An FMCG firm approached Phykon to maximize their reach and increase brand awareness through digital marketing strategies. They were into beauty and hygiene products for women. How will they stand out from a sea of brands vying for the consumer’s attention? And how will they get the consumer to add their products into shopping baskets?

Challenges Faced by the Business

Our client was dealing with heavy competition as a wide array of similar products are jostling for space on the shelves. Customers sometimes randomly choose from a range of products by different brands. We suggested building a unique brand identity, increasing brand recall and creating social buzz around the brand through customised digital marketing. The major requirement of our client was to increase awareness of their new products among target customers. They wanted to generate more leads and increase sales through organic traffic. The brand’s aim was not just to capture the consumer’s attention at the final buying stage. Their focus was to establish a closer, healthier relationship with the customers. They required a holistic FMCG digital strategy to influence their consumers’ buying decisions and to personally engage with them.


Phykon started off by optimizing the client’s website as it is the best place to showcase their brand. Our team initially researched keywords and queries customers use to find related products. The client’s existing website content was optimized with the relevant keywords. The website was made vibrant with interactive elements, engaging language and quirky designs. A seamless buyer experience from start to finish addressed the consumers’ need for convenience. We also added personalization by including a quick quiz that the buyer can use to select products based on their skin/hair types, specific problems and usage preferences.

Email marketing campaigns were introduced for lead nurturing. Targeted emails that pushed a new subscription model for regular supply of often-used products to reach their doorstep each month, discounts, notification of new products, etc. kept the consumers engaged and close to the brand.

Our next focus was to strengthen the client’s digital presence through social media. Moving away from generic marketing methods, we segregated a target group of women within the 18-35 age group. This included university students, young professionals, new mothers, etc. By targeting these categories with specific messaging and content, we could address their specific needs and showcase the client’s products. This way our marketing efforts were more focussed and made a clear pitch to the target audience. Regular social media posts, shareable SEO-friendly content on product updates, new launches, etc. helped the client stay live on different social media platforms. We also crafted content that sparked social conversation. This was promoted especially on special women-centric occasions. Consumer feedback received on social media channels was promoted.


Phykon’s digital marketing strategy helped the client build a strong brand identity and brand recall.

Use of relevant keywords in the website increased organic traffic.

Regular posts of shareable content and meaningful social interaction brands ensured that the client stayed connected and engaged.
Curated content helped customers understand products better in a short period.

Smoother online buyer experience and the novel subscription model addressed the consumer’s need for convenience.
Email marketing campaigns helped the client target more customers and guide them towards making a purchase.

Every effort converged to bring in more sales.


The FMCG firm previously had to spend a lot on print ads, TV commercials, radio ads, etc. Our digital marketing solution was comparatively cost-effective and yielded better results.

Today, it is important to listen to, understand and convince the tech-savvy consumer. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing solutions help track and measure every aspect of the marketing campaign. The right combination of digital marketing efforts improve sales and help brands stand out from competitors.

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