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Best Automation Software in Bangalore For Healthcare Back-office

The healthcare sector is a highly complex, yet critical system needed for the well-being of people worldwide. The recent public health emergencies including the pandemic have accelerated digital transformation in the healthcare sector. Are you able to quickly respond to the present healthcare challenges? How well can you perform at peak potentials? Are you struggling to streamline your back-office operations?

The best automation software in Bangalore will help you improve the quality of care by transforming your healthcare organization with bespoke digital solutions. It will enable you to deliver efficiencies, respond quickly and address the multitude of healthcare challenges that arise daily. Automation can bring rapid transformation in the care delivery value chain, patient experience, claims processing, routine back-office operations, analytics and more.

Need for Automated Back-office in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations need to manage information related to third-party portals, clinical applications, scheduling applications, patient records, human resource applications, ERP, etc. Integration and exchange of information across various systems and applications are labour-intensive, challenging and error-prone. The healthcare system includes patients, doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and many other stakeholders. The back-office team will have to manage records of all relevant stakeholders and update information in real-time to ensure seamless care delivery. They also have to work on regulatory compliance, IT, settlement, clearance services and record maintenance.

An efficient back-office system is essential to maintain a balance between the rising need for medical assistance and the routine paperwork involved in hospital processes. The best automation software in Bangalore will help you minimize errors in data processing, lower cost and increase operational efficiency in healthcare. Healthcare back-office automation solutions can perform patient-scheduling, manage insurance claims, improve the healthcare cycle, and provide optimal care.

Automated Back-office Support Services for Healthcare

Appointment Scheduling:

Manual appointment scheduling can extend the gap between initial referral and actual patient visits. Missed appointments and long waits can negatively impact both healthcare providers and patients. It is necessary to synchronize real-time data to show appointment availability and book appointments. Manually feeding appointment data to multiple systems is time-consuming. Freeing doctors from routine activities will give them more time to focus on critical tasks like patient diagnosis and treatment. Automated back-office systems will make it easier for patients to access accurate information regarding available time slots and scheduled appointments.

RPA bots are trained to automatically schedule appointments based on specialty, doctor availability and location. Best automation software in Bangalore can streamline front-office support and back-office operations including automated data collection and processing. Automated healthcare back-office solutions can notify patients about their appointment slot and details through email or SMS. It can also send automated appointment reminders to patients and optimize the entire process of appointment scheduling.

Claims Processing And Management:

Health insurance claims processing and management involve several back-office, customer support and managerial tasks.  It comprises various data-driven manual tasks which need to be done carefully to protect your business from errors or fraud. Best automation software in Bangalore can perform faster and error-free data processing with minimal human intervention. Automation makes it easier for your back-office team to fetch relevant insurance claims data for handling claims registration. Automated systems will help you identify compliance-related exceptions faster and without errors. The system will allow you to easily verify whether the insurance holder has a valid plan and lets you know what the insurance covers. Automated back-office systems can avoid payment complications by addressing the problem before its occurrence.

Maintenance of Medical Records:

The best automation software in Bangalore makes recording, maintaining and sorting a large volume of patient and treatment information seamless and error-free. Automated medical record indexing services facilitate faster retrieval of patient information and trouble-free healthcare document management. It helps your back-office team digitize patient records, claims and bill documents, physician orders, admission and discharge summary and a lot more.


Automated back-office system will enable you to easily track, analyze, and derive insights collected from patient records. Data analysis can be done faster and with minimal human intervention using the best automation software in Bangalore. Accurate data analytics will help doctors continuously monitor patients effectively. This will enable them to offer more accurate diagnoses and data-driven treatment strategies. The automation aided back-office support reduces complications in healthcare.

IT Support:

Automated IT support can improve the efficiency of your back-office support team. It will help your healthcare business address and adapt to technology and infrastructure changes quickly. It will help you seamlessly carry out disaster recovery management. Other healthcare IT services include help desk support, onsite staffing support, automated voice support, etc.

Accounts Receivable Management:

Outstanding claims and delayed payments can be an added administrative burden to your healthcare business. Timely follow-up is necessary for uninterrupted cash flow and faster reimbursements.  Inaccurate or incomplete data entry and incorrect medical coding are the main reasons for claims denial. Automated back-office support with the best automation software in Bangalore can help healthcare providers effectively deal with accounts receivables. It will help you automatically trace outstanding receivable balances and generate periodic reports. Automated systems will enable you to timely follow-up your pending claims, initiate collections and identify the reasons for claims denials.

Optimal Care:

Replacing manual systems with digital systems will help you deliver optimal healthcare. Automated extraction of both structured and unstructured data and medical record analysis can help in providing the best diagnosis. Proper analysis of digital medical records and reports can help in detecting early signs of deteriorating health.  Thus automated solutions allow healthcare providers to identify at-risk patients under home care to prevent hospital re-admissions. A comprehensive back-office automation solution with the best automation software in Bangalore can avoid downtime by detecting medical equipment maintenance needs early. With an automated solution, you can also set various levels of access controls for different users. It protects the privacy of patient data and medical records. It ensures that each stakeholder only gets access to the relevant data needed for their task completion.

Automation is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by making healthcare more accessible to a wider population. Instead of visiting a doctor in person, patients can make use of tele-medicine and relevant high-quality healthcare apps. Even people in remote places can avail quality medical support through electronic means. Quality healthcare and enhanced customer experience will help you deliver a positive and lasting impression. Provide your patients with the care they deserve leaving your back-office tasks to the best automation software in Bangalore from Phykon. Take your healthcare business to the next level while lowering operational costs and increasing patient satisfaction. Automation is the way forward in emergencies like a pandemic or accidents when there is an urgent need to continuously monitor and check-in a large number of patients with accuracy, to administer timely and effective treatment.