Best Order Management Software in Bangalore

Best Order Management Software in Bangalore

Best Order Management Software in Bangalore: The eCommerce market has grown tremendously over the past few years. Today’s digitally-enabled customers wish to shop on the run which has caused a rise in online sales. The increased number of online sales has made order management more challenging for businesses. The rise in the number of orders and higher customer expectations emphasize the need for automating your order management process. Best order management software in Bangalore will help you satisfy customers with on-time delivery and fulfil orders without errors.

Sudden spikes in the popularity of products with the increased adoption of omnichannel and social media strategies have made order fulfilment more challenging. Hence, it is essential to reassess and automate your order fulfilment process for accurate and timely delivery. The order management process directly or indirectly touches every system and process in the supply chain. It has a direct impact on how a customer perceives your brand. Customers expect a seamless experience throughout their purchase journey.

Even if they order online, they may resort to your call centre for clearing their doubts regarding the product and orders. They may also wish to receive updates through emails or messages. Each point in the order-to-cash cycle provides you with an opportunity to enhance your customer experience.  The best order management software in Bangalore will help you utilize each opportunity and improve customer retention. It will also give you opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell thereby increasing business revenue. An automated order management system offers better visibility and control over your supply chain process. 

Challenges In Order Management

  • On-time order fulfilment
  • Delays or redundancy in order submission
  • Errors in data entry that lead to fulfilment mistakes.
  • Meet next-day or same-day delivery requirements
  • Manage order coming from multiple channels
  • Order processing errors or lack of accuracy
  • Management of order fulfilment cost and labour management
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Lack of inventory visibility
  • Backorders
  • Logistics management
  • Coordinating activities across multiple departments
  • Manage returns and refunds

Even though customer interactions and orders flow across multiple channels, inventory is less dynamic and often siloed.  Latency issues arise during peak transaction periods and batch processing creating inaccurate inventory views. Lack of end-to-end inventory visibility can aggravate customers. Mismanagement of inventory can get you in trouble. An out-of-stock item being displayed as available will ruin the buyer’s experience leading to wrong order placements, backorders and refunds. Overpromising negatively affects customer satisfaction and your brand reputation. The best order management software in Bangalore will help you address these challenges and streamline your order processing and fulfilment process.

The Need For An Automated Order Management Solution

An efficient Order Management System gives you a single, uninhibited view of the entire supply chain. It will enable you to make the best order fulfilment decisions. You will get to know whether to ship an item from a warehouse, distribution centre or store, making the system more efficient. An automated OMS will help you analyze real-time data to make smarter decisions. It will let you present appropriate stock levels to customers and keep tight control on inventory which will help in enhancing customer experience. Automated OMS enables better utilization of data analytics which helps in identifying critical factors that drive the market.  

Multi-channel Capability: The best order management software in Bangalore can work seamlessly with multiple channels. No matter how many channels you are dealing with, automated OMS spares you from all hassles involved in managing orders from multiple channels. It enables omnichannel order fulfilment from a single interface. A multi-channel order management platform integrates all customer orders into one cohesive screen that facilitates faster bulk order processing and fulfilment. It offers better visibility into different processes and your overall business performance. Unifying all your sales channels will let you save your time and resources and focus on business expansion strategies.

Operational Efficiency: Automated OMS reduce manual effort and time involved in processing orders. It will help you lower costs and achieve higher productivity levels. Automated order management tools can significantly reduce errors in order processing and delivery. It eliminates or reduces mistyping and duplication errors during data collection processes. Automation of routine tasks like data entry and other processes along with updated real-time data speeds up the overall sales cycle. Faster order processing helps in same-day or next-day delivery which is impossible with manual systems. Inventory management and product management tools speed up the pick and pack process. Automated OMS tracks order status and automatically notifies the customers through email or SMS. Other routine tasks like printing labels and invoices can also be automated. Streamlined and automated order and inventory management will significantly reduce your operational costs.

Availability of Real-time Data: Faster data retrieval is essential to offer proactive service and to respond to your customers faster. Automated systems will let you extract customer information and details of previous interactions in a single click. You can easily retrieve information about customer interests, purchasing trends, sales, previous complaints and offer proactive service. Availability of relevant customer data will help you formulate customer-oriented marketing plans. It will encourage repeat purchases and improve brand loyalty.

Scalability: As your business grows, the number of customers, incoming orders, sales transactions and data will also increase. The best order management software in Bangalore is designed to accommodate such changes. It will let you easily scale up or down as per your business requirements. Automated OMS from Phykon will enable you to efficiently handle seasonal spikes in orders without increasing the number of staff or working hours. It will let you easily adapt to changes in the marketplace and positively respond to changing customer demands.
It is important to choose the most suitable OMS for your business. Automated Order Management System from Phykon provides a user-friendly interface, has options for prompt customer communication and can handle large-scale orders. It is reliable and offers high data security. The best order management software in Bangalore from Phykon will help you deliver a unified customer experience across all channels. It is specially designed for today’s eCommerce needs and will enable you to provide fast, efficient, and personalized order fulfilment.


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