Customer Service Solutions

How Dedicated Contact Centres Help SMEs Through Proven Customer Service Solutions

The startup landscape has witnessed growth in leaps and bounds over the past few years. And there’s no stopping them! As these enterprises grow the need for excellent customer service solutions also increases exponentially.

They need their customers. And while they cannot provide the same comprehensive customer service larger enterprises do, they can provide consistent, personalised and responsive support via affordable, dedicated contact centre services.

Small and medium enterprises play a crucial role in the growth and development of the world economy. SMEs help in industrialization of the rural areas by offering huge employment opportunities at lower capital cost. The dynamic Small and Medium Enterprises sector is a major contributor to the socio-economic development of a country. As more and more SMEs are being established across the globe, it has become a necessity to provide excellent customer service solutions to strive in today’s competitive market. 

Dedicated inbound call centre services will help SMEs to stay ahead of their competitors by providing the best customer service and improving their business. Contact centres can work alongside SMEs to offer the best customer support and to ensure that the customers receive a positive experience with each interaction. Outsourcing customer support services to a third party call centre will be a cost-effective method for SMEs to improve their customer experience. 

Develops a Personal Rapport With Customers

Small business owners and employees have critical tasks and long-term strategies to execute on a daily basis. It would be restrictive to stay strapped to the phone answering customer queries and issues. The ability to provide timely solutions to customer issues is the core part of building excellent customer relationships. Here’s where multi-channel support can aid these businesses. Maintaining a personal rapport with customers is extremely important for businesses, small or large. Social media platforms can help SMEs reach out to customers and promote their business. Existing and prospective customers need to interact directly with the actual product sellers. A dedicated call centre outsourcing service will help SMEs in handling customer issues, queries, complaints and suggestions. This gives a personal touch to the business which will help SMEs in amplifying their business.

Assist in Building the Business

Apart from handling customer queries and issues, call centre outsourcing services can provide valuable assistance to bring in new clients with the help of ‘cold calling’. Customer engagement increases the brand value of the firm. Enterprises come up with attractive offers to market their products and delegates contact centre agents to pitch these offers to existing and prospective customers and convince them to buy their product or services. SMEs get the much-needed help they need to follow-up calls and sales, and even bring in new customers to grow their business. 

Improves Employee Productivity

Employees will get distracted easily if they have to juggle between answering the calls and completing essential business tasks. By outsourcing customer service solutions, customer satisfaction and in-house productivity will be improved. This will enable the employees to concentrate more on core business activities. 

Creates and Maintains goodwill

Contact centre outsourcing services can provide excellent customer support by appropriately directing and resolving customer queries. It helps customers overcome any technical glitches and escalate the issue if they are not satisfied with the product or services. This can create a long-lasting impact on the customers as they become confident that the company will offer the best possible redressal to their grievances. It will develop strong goodwill for the brand and the satisfied customers can bring in new clients by word of mouth.

Builds Long-lasting Relationship With The Customers

Dedicated inbound call centre outsourcing services will help SMEs in building long-lasting customer relationships. Customers will never have to wait or get ignored which will ultimately lead to higher levels of customer retention. Contact centres are the best means to let the customers know about recent offers of products and services.

What’s more — existing customers get to know about the recently introduced products or service through contact centre agents. Customer service solutions include informing every single customer about latest products or services. They will feel valued and will not switch to other enterprises offering similar products or services.

Cost-Effective, Multi-Language Support 

It is essential for SMEs to cut down costs — an efficient call centre outsourcing service provider can help SMEs in achieving the same. Small enterprises need not have to invest in building infrastructure to set up their own call centre which will be too expensive. Outsourced contact centre services can offer multi-language support. The ability to interact and resolve issues of multilingual customers will increase the chances of business growth. 

Round-the-clock Customer Support

Customers all over the world face product or service issues, day or night. Small enterprises will not be able to afford the heightened expense of running a 24-hour operation. Dedicated contact centres are available at the customer’s disposal 24/7. In fact, call centre outsourcing services help SMEs in offering effective customer support even during off-hours. Also, they allow SMEs to conduct business internationally, as call centres are flexible enough to operate in different time zones. Call centre agents act as representatives of the enterprises and perform necessary functions leaving no scope for complaints. 

Reduces Cost Incurred on Employee Training

SMEs often cannot spend too much on training their employees. In such cases, experienced call centre agents can help them in customer service and sales. SMEs can save time and money which would otherwise be taken up in training their employees. Trained call centre agents with sufficient domain knowledge, can efficiently handle customer calls and quickly resolve customer issues. This allows employees to concentrate only on escalated, complex issues. In this way, inbound call centres assist SMEs to offer the best customer support solutions.  

Manages Higher Call Volumes

After a sudden increase in the number of customers, small and medium enterprises often experience a major loss as they are not prepared to handle the larger workload. Longer customer wait times negatively impact the business. Call centres are always prepared and well equipped to handle fluctuations in business volume. SMEs who outsource inbound call centre services are less likely to suffer from overload, offering customers shorter waits over the phone. 

Call centres are no longer involved in just answering calls. Call centre outsourcing service providers offer automated inbound and outbound call centre services. They provide excellent customer service solutions needed to engage and retain customers. There’s no doubt that contact centres play a crucial role in helping Small and Medium Enterprises compete with other SMEs and large enterprises.