IT Infrastructure Services in Melbourne

IT Infrastructure Services in Melbourne

IT Infrastructure Services in Melbourne: It takes several months or years of hard work for setting up a successful business. You probably have put a lot of time and effort into building the business network, IT infrastructure or website. It might be capable of serving all your clients, employees and other users. But think of a situation when too many of them come at once! Or, when you get too many requests than you can handle in an hour. Sudden surges can happen due to just about anything. It could be the result of your new marketing campaign, a new social media trend, a newly launched product, special days or occasions, or due to some unprecedented events such as the pandemic. Whatever the reason might be, you will need a solution that can easily scale with sudden surges and demand fluctuations. IT infrastructure servicesin Melbourne offer resilient and scalable infrastructure support which will help you handle surges efficiently and cost-effectively.

Both planned and unplanned events can drive an influx of users to your business. Planned events can be holidays, sales, product launches or anything that brings more traffic at an expected time. Such surges are easier to handle as you can plan for them before. Unexpected surges in website traffic or high bandwidth demands can lead to slowdowns and crashes. It can quickly overwhelm your IT infrastructure. Such crashes will negatively affect your brand reputation, hurting sales and revenue far down the line. IT infrastructure services in Melbourne keep your platform running even during unprecedented traffic surges. It eases the load on the backend processes and ensures flawless operation during high demands. 

How Do Surges Affect Business

The disparity between traffic levels and infrastructure capacity causes websites and applications to slow down and crash eventually. When the number of incoming requests overshadows your processing capacity, web servers will get overloaded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Load-intensive tasks like loading web pages, processing raw web requests and handling SSL transactions are performed by web servers. A traffic surge causes these functions to work overtime and put an excessive load on the system. It will take longer to load a page than it takes to get a new request. Slowly your service quality will start deteriorating and get worse, affecting more users. Failure of hardware devices, application crashes and disastrous events may result in unexpected downtime. When demand exceeds capacity, and you do not have the resources to meet the demand, there can be miscommunication between systems or applications. It can cause loss of credibility and customer faith and, thus, cause irreparable damage to your business.

The Pandemic Impact

Covid-19 has led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies globally. Social distancing norms and nationwide lockdowns have urged people and businesses to adjust to new ways of work and life. It has added a new dynamic. Remote working, surges in network use, and the need to rapidly adapt to the digital preferences of customers create new challenges.  

With remote work environments, IT teams have more layers to manage and more points of failure to resolve. There is an increased demand to maintain a reliable and optimal network infrastructure to facilitate the increased load and new demands. Many organizations were forced to rapidly deploy new tools to improve collaboration and communication among customers and employees. The unfamiliarity of such tools has also caused a sudden influx of user support requests.  

How Can Resilient IT Infrastructure Support Help?

The priority of every business is to restore its services when systems fail.  However, surges can be of different types and each issue may vary widely. Therefore, quick solutions or tactical fixes which worked well in one crisis may not help in the next. When you fix one, another will pop up somewhere else. Organizations should change their reactive emergency-response approach to a proactive one. It is not practical to expand your in-house infrastructure or hire more employees to handle sudden surges. Partnering with a third-party service provider will help you adopt a more scalable and resilient solution. IT infrastructure services in Melbourne will help you predict and quickly respond to emerging requirements. It will future-proof your business and keep it ever-ready to solve challenges locally.

IT Infrastructure services in Melbourne can handle everything it is exposed to, even during complete chaos and unexpected surges. It offers a smooth and seamless integration of technology, allowing you to scale as per business requirements. Phykon develops, implements and audits effective disaster recovery protocols that will let you resume business seamlessly after an unplanned incident. Phykon-designed IT infrastructure will help you handle traffic surges from planned and unplanned events. It effectively distributes traffic among multiple servers to ensure that servers won’t become overloaded and will continue to run at peak performance.

Surge events are usually a symptom of an underlying larger issue. It can be due to inadequate monitoring and load testing, poor capacity planning, or rigid non-scalable architecture. IT infrastructure services in Melbourne will help you identify the root cause and prevent it from happening again. It allows you to clearly figure out patterns behind specific surge events and analyze the true reason for persistent breakdowns. Such a deep-rooted solution will prevent future occurrences of similar incidents. Manual and fragmented monitoring processes will not generate timely alerts. Automated tracking and monitoring will generate timely alerts and let you take quick action. You can maintain a single management console to track and aggregate similar alerts. It will help in the early detection of anomalies and reduce incident volumes. Automated systems perform follow-up actions like refreshing the servers or extra storage provision based on the detected anomaly.

IT infrastructure services in Melbourne from Phykon offer high-quality, cost-effective, customer-centric IT solutions for your end-to-end IT Infrastructure needs. It will help your business improve efficiency and uptime to strengthen core processes and business service delivery. Automated back-ups and 24/7 support will help you handle sudden spikes in traffic easily. Phykon’s infrastructure support services will make it easier for you to enforce new changes and keep disruptions to a minimum. Be resilient and follow a proactive approach towards surge management with IT infrastructure services in Melbourne.