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Weekend and Holiday Support – Why Companies Opt For Customer Service Solutions Sydney

Customer Service Solutions Sydney: The holiday rush is an anxiety-inducing time for businesses of all sizes. Despite countless hours of planning and preparation, it can still be nerve-racking as customers get more demanding. Even if you try hard to make all your customers happy, sometimes, unfortunate events do happen that affect their experience with your brand. The holiday season can be stressful and frantic for both customers and businesses. While some businesses struggle to stay afloat, others plan ahead and seek help from experts to tackle the holiday rush. Customer service solutions in Sydney can work along with you to lessen the impact of the holiday rush on your customer support. Regular holiday rush along with the pandemic restrictions have introduced new challenges for support teams and business owners alike. Online shopping has become the new norm. In fact, it has turned into a necessity, even. Customers are spending more online than in physical stores.

How to tackle the challenges

Online shopping offers unmatched convenience for customers. But it is bundled with its own set of challenges. Misplaced orders, shipping delays, mismatched expectations, handling mishaps, etc. can increase the number of support escalations. Customer service solutions in Sydney will help you build long-lasting customer relationships even during the high-volume sales season. The increasing uncertainty of the business landscape urges companies to try outsourcing their customer support. It will give you access to expertise while reducing operational costs. Outsourcing to a multi-channel customer service company will help you gain better insights into customer behaviour and obtain key data for decision-making. It is not only an economical method of delivering enhanced service during the holiday rush. It will also help you build a healthy relationship with your target audience. Businesses can make the most out of outsourced customer support to accelerate sales, along with solving customer issues and taking orders.

Handle Spikes Effortlessly

Customer service solutions in Sydney will help you to easily manage seasonal hikes in sales volume. The eCommerce and hospitality sector experience a peak in sales during the holiday season. Customer service outsourcing can be very helpful in these situations as you get more personnel to handle customer queries and orders. You may need to offer support even after regular business hours and on weekends. At the same time, your employees may require a week off to spend time with their family. Outsourcing is the best option to tackle these situations efficiently. Providing round-the-clock support is a necessity for businesses in the present situation. Customer service solutions in Sydney will help you deliver 24/7 customer support even during the peak season. 

Keep All Relevant Information Handy

Identify all important information needed by your employees and outsourcing partners to work with you and meet your business objectives. These may include your marketing strategy, holiday promotions, anticipated demand and shipping times, etc. Clear documentation of this information will keep your employees up to date. It will give your outsourcing partners a better idea of how to approach customer queries. It will help the customer service agent identify the root cause which prompted the customer to contact you. Historical data will help you derive valuable insights. Create a list of events or unexpected issues that are most likely to come up during the holiday rush. Review trends, metrics, patterns from last holiday season. Past years data will help you identify: 

  • The most popular product or service
  • Ticket volume
  • Most frequently asked customer queries
  • Most preferred support channel and a lot more.

Customer service solutions in Sydney make efficient use of historical data to help you build a cohesive game plan for your busy holiday season. Customer service agents will know what to expect during the holiday rush and prepare accordingly to serve the customers. Keep your FAQ pages and related articles up to date and easily accessible for the customers. You can also prepare canned responses for commonly repeated questions. 

Keep Your Contact Information Updated

Make it clear to the customers about how and when to reach out to you. Allow them to choose from your main support channels— whether it be a live chat, email, phone support, messaging, or social media. Add your contact information on every page of your website. You can also include a separate ‘Contact Us’ page on your website. Include the contact info in your emails too. Also, let your customers know when to expect an answer from you. For instance, tell them to expect a reply in a few hours, one or two business days, or whatever you can commit to. It is always better to under-promise and over-deliver than to leave customers uninformed. 

Reach Out To Your Customers

Customer service solutions in Sydney implement automation tools to deliver a better experience to each customer even during busy seasons. Use chatbots to extend help to customers when they first visit your website. Make product suggestions based on their browsing habits and purchase history. It will save their time and hassle of finding perfect gifts elsewhere during the holiday season. You can send an automated email when customers abandon their cart and leave your site. Include ‘similar product’ suggestions in the abandoned cart email. Automated emails can also be sent after the customer has made a purchase. It should include products that complement their previous purchase.

Offer Proactive Support

The holiday season can be a busy time for your customers too, so let them know you will always be available. Offer proactive support during the holiday rush. Let your customers know about shipping delays, low inventory, or tracking issues before it frustrates them. It could be as simple as sending a text or an email. You should let them know that you are working hard to fix the issue. Customer service solutions in Sydney automatically update the customer about the status of their order to keep them in the loop.

Do not let interactions with your customer die after a problem resolution. Make sure your customer is happy with the resolution through periodic follow-up. You can make a call or send an email during the next few days.
Customer service solutions in Sydney will help you make customers happy by offering support that exceeds their expectations. Be there to support your customers during the most important time of the year. You can manage the holiday hordes and spend time with your family when you have experienced professionals handling customer support while you are away. Get affordable weekend, after-hours, and holiday support, and boost customer satisfaction — during the holiday season and beyond!