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Phykon Solutions in Melbourne: No matter the size of your business, you will face pain points that hamper progress and stand in the way of revenue generation. Learn how you can automate and eliminate the pain points of your business easily to deliver superior customer service.

Phykon Solutions in Melbourne (and other cities) uses simple, cost-effective automation interventions to refine workflows and ease the pressure on service delivery. 

Why customer service?

Customer Service is overtaking pricing and product to become a key brand differentiator. Customers expect nothing but the best everywhere, every day. They expect efficient, super fast customer service every time. This especially true with the current boom in e-commerce. Consumers are buying online in greater volumes now. But this also puts a great deal of pressure on the customer service and order fulfilment teams. It is a huge task to deliver consistent service while maintaining harmony within the business.  

All this can be done effortlessly, swiftly, cost-effectively and round-the-clock. It doesn’t matter what size or type your business is. 

But how can this be achieved?

Deliver excellent customer service with RPA-and-AI-powered technology

You can now deliver effortless and consistent customer support through automation. Phykon Solutions in Melbourne provides a range of services to automate business processes for better and quicker results. Better internal business processes can help create better customer experiences. 

Also, Phykon Solutions brings automation into the contact centre to aid the customer support agent to deliver prompt and personalised assistance every time. Automation enhances the agent’s capabilities to attend to customers efficiently.

Deploying RPA and AI-powered customer support/service will allow chosen areas to operate independently or with minimal manual involvement. Automating parts of the customer service will allow better usage of the agents by leveraging their decision-making power so they can attend to more complex queries. That is, the time saved can be used to attend to other processes that cannot be automated.

24/7 customer support is possible with the latest tools such as RPA chat support and AI communications. With robots at your service, call center outsourcing services can benefit from automation in numerous ways. RPA can transform the entire customer and service provider experience. Customers and agents stand to gain from the capabilities that RPA delivers. 

Automation tackles challenges head-on

You are trying to run your business like clockwork. Like a well-oiled machine. But hiccups are bound to happen. Errors, delays and unforeseen events can cost you money and customer loyalty. But automation can take care of common challenges businesses face so that you can utilise the saved hours on value-based tasks. Our teams at Phykon Solutions Melbourne have identified these pain points that businesses face:

You are looking for a more refined customer experience

With automation, you can remind customers of their order status, schedule promotions to go live at the right time, send out automated emails reminding customers of their cart or of products they might be interested in, adjust prices, trigger inventory checks and restocking, etc.

Our teams at Phykon Solutions in Melbourne create a more seamless buying experience by engaging with them across channels. Customers appreciate a convenient purchase experience, real-time order-tracking, quick access to customer support on the channel of their choice, quick delivery, etc. Automation will help you address these needs easily.

Your staff is buckling under the pressure of repetitive manual tasks

Your employees are probably going through hours of repetitive manual tasks, unending data entry and pushing paper. Some tasks may even be long-winding requiring several references, or needing stages of approvals, or involving numerous steps. This not only takes time but can also lead to errors.

But, when you automate tasks that are rule-based or repetitive, you save time, costs and can redeploy your staff for other tasks. You even save time to give customers the white glove treatment. 

You do not have access to real-time data to make timely, informed decisions

What’s the point of having data if it isn’t current or if you don’t have access to it when you want it? Automated systems give you access to real-time data so you get 100% visibility that lets you make fully informed decisions quickly. You no longer have to wait for reports from multiple departments and then compile and analyse all of it to understand what is happening. By the time you are though, the data would probably not be relevant. When you have accurate, to-the-minute data, you are empowered to make decisions without delay. This helps you foresee requirements,  stay ahead of the competition and stay on top of customer expectations. 

Your ERP, Fulfilment, Sales, Marketing are in silos

Businesses sometimes depend on multiple systems for their workflow management, sales and order processing functions. When these are disconnected, chaos is bound to happen. Duplication of data, lack of real-time data, lack of visibility, inaccurate documentation, errors, mounting manual tasks, missed or untraceable orders, wrong shipping details, etc. are just a few. However, when systems are automated, uniformity and consistency of data can bring about a sea change. You can operate using a centralized database that is updated in real-time. This directly translates into speed, accuracy and efficiency.

You are going back and forth correcting errors

Mundane, repetitive tasks can take a toll on your employees. It lessens focus and productivity, leading to errors. When a great deal of data flows between systems, you must ensure the least human involvement to reduce errors. Once a process is automated, it can be refined until it produces the results you want. You can then set it and forget it. It will run on its own with minimal human supervision. Automated processes produce almost zero errors. Automation lets you focus on the process, not on fixing the errors. 

Manual involvement would mean human errors. Customers today are looking for a hassle-free, no-hiccups, convenient buying experience. Even the slightest kink in the buying journey can affect their perception of the brand. Imagine the benefits you and your customers would enjoy if you can prevent cancelled orders from being fulfilled. Or if you can ensure deliveries are made to the right addresses.

What benefits does the customer experience?

Improved response timesReadily available data makes information accessible easily. Faster and tailored responses help cut down lengthy interactions. Customer queries are addressed promptly.Better consistencyCustomers will base their expectations on their past experience with you. With automation, it is possible to raise the bar and to keep delivering consistent services.
Personalised servicesPersonalise the customer’s experience by greeting them by name when they call, responding to every contact they make, retrieving their account information instantly or having their past details on hand. Personalising makes the interaction pleasant and satisfying for the customer. This will instill a connection with the brand.Always-on assistanceSoftware bots can stand in for human agents and attend to customer requests through 24/7 support. Chatbots and IVR are RPA tools that assist customers round the clock.
Effective communicationsCustomers want to have the flexibility to get in touch through various channels. You can attend to each instance of communication with a prompt response. With features like the IVR call-back, your customers will never have to wait on hold again. Or you can automatically respond to a blank call with a text message. Automated outgoing emails and VoIP integration enhance communications with customers.

What benefits does the service provider experience?

Efficient servicesFaster and easier data availability smoothens the process for agents — checking information, relaying data, and resolving issues become more efficient. Customers can be attended to faster and a call can be closed in a shorter span of time. Real-time customer support makes the services efficient and sets your business apart.Better allocation of resourcesDigital agents can handle repetitive rule-based tasks through RPA. However, more complex tasks that need a human’s logical thinking power can be assigned to human agents. Human agents can get a lot of tasks done with their superior skills. Match the right agents to the right tasks.
Better customer experience leads to brand loyaltyIncrease the customers’ confidence in you by providing swift, efficient and consistent services. It is easier to lose their loyalty than to build it. And so it is crucial to ensure that every interaction delivers the stellar experience that a customer expects.ScalabilityAs the business grows, it is important to find quicker ways to tackle common problems faced by customers. Automation will accommodate growth in business and will support wider services. More customers can be attended to without upsetting the system and you can continue to provide excellent customer support.
Reduce costs, increase revenueBy reducing the average call handling times and by reducing errors, businesses are not only able to reduce costs incurred but are also able to generate revenue through upselling and cross-selling. Happy customers mean happy businesses.
Prioritise or Triage Incoming requests

Attending customer requests in the order received isn’t an effective method. Instead, attending to the more pressing ones through the right channels would help alleviate a lot of customer anxiety and boost satisfaction. You do not want critical requests languishing in your queue while agents spend more time solving minor issues that can be sorted later or through other channels.

Some RPA tools in customer support centres

IVR: Interactive Voice Responses ensure each call is attended. No call gets missed. Customers can also schedule a service themselves on IVR. A procedure that earlier required a human agent can now be done in minutes on the IVR. Customers can simply call in and select the required options. Software bots automatically set the process in motion and fulfil the customer’s request. 

Chatbots: Interactive text responses or chatbots attend to text messages from customers. Chatbots can address standard requests and queries, while the more complex ones can be directed to human agents who will use their personal experience and intuition to resolve the issue.

How Phykon Solutions Melbourne can help

Good customer service is vital to businesses. You must win customers over with a pleasant brand experience — whether it is a seamless order process, quick deliveries, efficient resolutions or instant information through an inbound call centre.

But it might seem like a juggling act when you are trying to get all these right and run a successful business. Automation is the best assistant you can get. It is the genie in a bottle that reduces legwork and helps you do more with less.

Identify areas where you experience bottlenecks. Listen to your customers and understand what they want improved. Those are the pain points that need to be addressed first. And the ones that will create a positive business impact when rectified. 

Customers naturally gravitate towards a service provider that gives faster and more assured results. Deliver more and deliver accurately — in less time — by automating your processes. Customer service is now a competitive differentiator. Get an edge over your competition by automating your customer service pain points.