Improve Your Lead Conversion Rates With Best Automation Software Bangalore

Best Automation Software Bangalore: Lead conversion is a daunting task for marketers worldwide. It encompasses all marketing strategies that stimulate a lead’s desire to buy and push them towards a buying decision. But converting leads into long-term customers is the biggest challenge faced by marketing professionals.

Managing online campaigns, extracting data and sharing it manually with the sales personnel is a time-consuming process. By then, your leads have probably run cold, or worse, have been captured by competition. Automation will help you accomplish more with less time and manpower. The best automation software in Bangalore can systematically improve your conversion rates.

What is the right lead conversion strategy?

How do you capture leads and drive repeat purchases?

How do you avoid sinking money into campaigns that don’t pay off?

You are probably facing these challenges and more. Well, Phykon delivers tailored solutions using the best automation software to improve your lead conversion rates.

Automation is changing the rules of marketing. It has made marketing easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Seamlessly capture leads, drive repeat purchases, and augment the customer experience with automated marketing tools. Ease your lead conversion process with automated marketing solutions from Phykon. The best automation software in Bangalore can make your marketing strategy more persuasive and personalized. Precise planning and automated solutions can improve the overall customer experience and increase the chances of conversions.           

Why Should You Automate?

Today more customer interaction happens online than in-store. Your prospects may choose any time or any marketing channel for interaction. Keeping a track of each activity becomes more important, both from a lead generation point of view as well as from a customer service perspective. In this digital era, you will need to combine social media, email marketing, landing pages, content marketing, SEO and lead nurturing campaigns. Relevant information will be scattered in multiple places and leads will be at different levels in the purchasing journey. Automation can unify the lead conversion process.

Each lead goes through different stages in the sales funnel before becoming your customer. Awareness, interest, decision and action are the four different stages in the sales funnel. Sales and marketing are all about driving a lead down the sales funnel and converting them into profitable customers. Irrespective of the number of active leads you have, timely identification and nurturing can save hours of effort and ensure no leads are missed. Automated marketing solutions will allow you to personalise your lead interactions based on their personal information and current sales-readiness stage. The best automation software in Bangalore can do wonders and improve your conversion rates. 

Marketing Automation

A growing number of customers, their ever-increasing expectations and changing purchase behaviour demand a perfectly timed marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should be in line with industry trends and rising competition. It should be more personalized and persuasive. It is difficult to offer equal value to each of these aspects in real-time with manual marketing methods. Automated marketing is simpler and more effective in the present scenario. It allows you to take control of lead generation easily, from converting visitors into leads and nurturing them over time to increase their sales qualification until they are ready to buy.

Marketing automation aims to automate the majority of marketing and lead generation tasks that were done manually. Repetitive tasks such as sending emails, qualifying leads, customer communication, content management, social media posting, etc. can easily be automated. Timely nurturing of leads with personalized content will help in converting more of them into your loyal customers.

One-to-one lead nurturing activities like sending follow-up emails or reminders, social media conversations, etc. are laborious when performed manually. Automation makes the lead nurturing process seamless. Automated solutions can be tailored according to the behaviour of each prospect. Automation brings value to your marketing efforts by letting you monitor the efficacy of each task and overall marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing Automation

Automation makes email marketing one of the easiest and most effective lead generation tactics. Email marketing can be used for targeted conversions. You can easily curate personalized emails by analyzing the product or service your potential customers are interested in. Customized emails have more power to grab customer attention and trigger a conversion. Automation will let you schedule follow-up emails based on the lead’s response to your email.

You can experiment with automated welcome messages to introduce potential customers to your brand. You can also send newsletters or blogs based on your subscriber’s interest. Segmented emails always increase the chance of engagement and increase conversion rates.

Automated email marketing tools can generate step-by-step emails to boost your company’s open rate. You can send guided emails to assist leads’ progress to the next stage faster by analysing their current status in the sales cycle. This will eventually help in building a higher conversion rate over time. You should carefully optimize your email content and combine it with a tested call to action to improve lead conversion rates and earn huge returns for your business.

Lead Scoring Automation

Lead scoring allows you to analyze the sales readiness of a lead. It was not easy to accurately measure sales readiness with traditional marketing methods. With marketing automation, you can easily decide who to invest more time in and who will actually convert. Automated tools will allow you to analyze a lead’s interest and level of engagement and mark them as sales-ready. Such prospects can be directed to the sales team for one-on-one communication.


If you can answer a customer service question or resolve an issue in an instant, you can boost your conversion rate and your brand. This is made possible through chatbots. Faster service results in higher conversions. Automation-assisted customer service saves the user time and speeds up the purchasing decision. RPA-powered chatbots from Phykon can deliver high ROI with minimal effort. 

To leverage lead conversion goals, train the bots to understand the needs of your prospects. Chatbots can ask qualifying questions and provide relevant information then and there. This can reduce the time taken to complete a sale, which also increases the conversion rate. If a lead asks a complicated query, the chatbots can automatically redirect him to a live salesperson.

A well-organized marketing strategy, fuelled with the best automation software in Bangalore, can enhance your brand value by increasing your reach. It will let you strategize behaviour-triggered marketing plans and increase your lead conversion rates.