Integration Of CRM and ERP Software Solutions To Streamline Your eCommerce Business Process

Integration Of CRM and ERP Software Solutions To Streamline Your eCommerce Business Process

Integration Of CRM and ERP Software Solutions – An eCommerce system consists of many processes. And these are related to the storefront, inventory, product information, payment gateways, customer accounts, shipment and more, to name just a few. It is difficult to increase business productivity in an online business when you have to take care of multiple processes to fulfil a single order. But there are several ways to streamline your eCommerce business.  Integrated contact centre, OMS, technical support and digital marketing solutions will help you run your eCommerce business better. You can also integrate your eCommerce solution with CRM and ERP software solutions to provide an enjoyable and seamless shopping experience for your customers. 

Customer expectations are constantly rising than ever before. Multi-click checkout processes, product return possibility and rough shipping estimates will no longer satisfy the new-age customers. Customers now expect an effortless online shopping experience. They prefer interactive eCommerce websites, single-click checkout, next-day delivery with end-to-end order tracking. Less complicated product return and refund policies also have the potential to elevate customer satisfaction levels. 

Contact Centre Solutions For eCommerce

Exceptional customer service matters the most in the eCommerce industry. A robust contact centre solution integrated with your eCommerce platform will enable you to deliver proactive customer support. There is no room for face-to-face interaction between the customer and seller on online shopping platforms. Your customers will have many queries regarding the authenticity of products, product features, payment and more. It is necessary to address each query and convince them about the quality of your products — swiftly and efficiently, to the convenience of the customer. A well-informed visitor will be confident about your store and more likely to buy your products. It is important to make your brand easily accessible, round-the-clock. eCommerce contact centre solutions ensure this by providing 24/7 customer support over various channels. This cuts down cart abandonment rates. It offers omnichannel customer support and boosts sales. It can also be integrated with other tools like CRM which will help you make data-driven decisions.

Order Management System Integration

Automated OMS is core to the eCommerce industry. It enables eCommerce businesses to deliver consistent and positive customer experiences at scale across every channel. Integrating automated OMS aids faster order processing by cutting down on manual effort and human errors. It reduces order fulfilment time and ensures on-time delivery. From inventory tracking to automating stock deliveries based on customer demand, OMS brings out new and innovative solutions for eCommerce businesses operating through multiple channels.

Digital Marketing Integration

Digital marketing on eCommerce platforms aims to promote discovery, engagement and retention. Digital marketing integration will allow you to combine paid and non-paid marketing techniques and help you figure out which one increases conversion rates. From focusing on organic traffic and SEO to using paid ads to drive targeted traffic, it offers several ways to convert your visitors into loyal customers.  

Integration Of CRM and ERP Software Solutions

When customers seek to get the most out of their online shopping experience, your eCommerce business cannot afford disconnected backend systems. eCommerce platforms integrated with CRM and ERP software solutions will let you easily manage inventory and sales through automatic stock adjustments and reporting. It has dedicated customer portals to keep all your customer data organized. It allows the customers to track orders, download invoices, view pending shipments all from a single platform. An integrated platform greatly enhances both the employee and customer experience. 

CRM and eCommerce: eCommerce systems integrated with CRM empower you to create common customer journeys across multiple devices and touchpoints. It ensures a positive customer experience regardless of the communication channel the customer chooses to interact with you. CRM integration is increasingly important for eCommerce platforms as customers today demand an omnichannel experience. For instance, a customer interacts with your eCommerce site using a smartphone and saves a product to review later. He expects to start from where he left when he browses the site from his PC or laptop. Similarly, consider a customer who contacts the customer service representative through social media and later calls the support agent directly the same day. He will want the support agent to easily pull up the record of social media interaction so that he will not have to repeatedly explain the issue.

CRM integration will let you easily capture the contact information of leads, manage customer data, and create targeted promotions. CRM integration can have a huge, positive impact on your eCommerce business. eCommerce platforms integrated with CRM systems establish a sense of loyalty among your customers, improve sales, and exceptionally improve the shopping experience.

ERP and eCommerce: ERP integration offers you a single, unified data hub that eliminates silos. Integration of ERP software solutions makes your e-commerce website more manageable and organized with a streamlined order process. ERP systems keep your customers in the loop during the entire sales process. It can also keep your inventory data accurate and organized throughout the process and automate different tasks in the process. When a customer adds an item to the cart and completes the checkout process ERP will send an automated confirmation email. It also pulls the item from your inventory data and creates a shipping label. A tracking email is also sent to the customer which allows them to check their order status. ERP integration makes it easier to carry out inventory management, shipping management, accounting, analytics, and reporting.

Integrating your eCommerce platforms with ERP software solutions enhances productivity. It streamlines your product data management. It eliminates the need for setting up and managing your product details manually. The burden of repeatedly entering such data into multiple systems can be eliminated as your ERP data flows directly into your eCommerce platform. Providing the right inventory positions and delivery dates can highly elevate customer satisfaction. Allowing them to track the status of their orders further improves their shopping experience. ERP integration will help you achieve both. Integrated eCommerce platforms can automatically increase the inventory when the warehouse receives a purchase order and decreases it when the shipments are picked up. The system also notifies the customers when the shipment leaves the warehouse. 

Benefits Of Integrated eCommerce Platforms

Even though the eCommerce store lets you sell a bevy of products and their variations, it should reflect the latest trends. The prices should also be on par with competitor pricing. Real-time data on inventory and sales are essential to make the right product and pricing decisions. Businesses should have a track of the stock count and rightly decide when to stop selling products that are not available in the inventory. Integrated eCommerce platforms can synthesize real-time data which will let you efficiently manage your products, control inventory, and boost productivity.

Integrated business solutions make it easier to promote products that are not popular or new to the eCommerce store. CRM and ERP integration will help you to easily draw out the details of your prospects, leads and customers. The products are then introduced to these groups through automated email marketing, newsletters, automated social media integration, and more.

Integrated eCommerce platforms will let managers view all important data from a single platform. Availability of real-time data on products, customers, inventory, finance, logistics, all in one place will improve the decision-making process. Integration of CRM and ERP software solutions are highly beneficial to the eCommerce business. It can improve both organizational and management productivity exceptionally. Take your online business to the next level without increasing employee workload with integrated solutions for eCommerce business.