Automated Efficiency For ECommerce Through The Best Order Management System Adelaide

Automated Efficiency For ECommerce Through The Best Order Management System Adelaide

Best Order Management System Adelaide – The eCommerce industry witnessed impressive growth in the year 2020. A number of brick and mortar stores have taken their businesses online to survive the pandemic. Customer buying habits have changed across the world. A growing number of businesses are joining the eCommerce revolution. However, unprecedented demand and strained supply chain can negatively impact your eCommerce business. You will require a bigger digital footprint to thrive in today’s competitive eCommerce market. Online retailers are trying to get their order fulfilment time to the minimum. Efficient order management and timely delivery are essential to keep up with ever-growing customer expectations and competition. The best order management system Adelaide delivers will help you achieve this, and stay nimble.

Manual Order Processing Riddled with Errors

Traditional order management process was carried out manually and was error-prone. The process of order entry and inventory management was tedious and inefficient. Multiple departments used multiple systems and software to carry out each task. It was a siloed system. The processes were disconnected and uncoordinated. It was difficult for businesses to get a clear picture of the entire process. It resulted in redundancy, increased operational costs, delay in delivery and customer dissatisfaction. Such processes were time-consuming, inefficient and lacked accuracy.

Automation-enabled Order Management System

A comprehensive order management system provides a single, centralized system for managing all orders coming from multiple sales channels. It is designed to control and manage different stages of the sales lifecycle, from order creation through customer delivery. The best order management system Adelaide offers is by Phykon — a robust, automation-enabled, powerful system that boosts efficiency and accuracy. It is extremely beneficial for eCommerce businesses that aim to manage multiple sales channels, service providers, and fulfilment points from a single platform. In eCommerce, OMS can be considered as the central part of the order fulfilment process. It is linked to all the online outlets letting you manage orders coming through different channels. The system will notify you about all new orders and automatically segregates orders that need confirmation and forwards confirmed ones for shipment processing.

Order Management Process Up Close

The order management process consists of all activities involved in receiving, processing and fulfilment of customer orders received through any sales channel. An OMS will allow you to sort products based on different stores, special tags, order statuses, dates, type of invoices, etc. This will let you check, manage and prioritize orders coming from a particular online channel.

The order management process starts even before a customer’s order is actually placed. An OMS automatically adjusts the inventory when a customer places an item in their online cart. It can also notify the customer when that item goes out of stock. Some eCommerce stores also display the number of carts which presently contain the same item. This encourages customers to make their purchase decision faster. 

When the customers decide to purchase an item, the OMS communicates it to all related back-end systems. Initially, all received orders are listed for confirmation. The orders that need confirmation are noted and listed along with the customer name, amount, item and order date. Whereas the confirmed orders are automatically moved to the shipment process. Automated order management tools will help you to create an invoice, print manifests and shipping labels. It will also enable you to put a special tag on items that require special care. You can mark such items as delicate, corrosive, breakable, etc. After re-checking the order, payment status, type of shipping and shipping address you can proceed with the shipment.

The best order management system Adelaide makes available through Phykon will also let you compare the prices of different delivery partners. It helps you to select the right delivery partner based on your budget and business requirements. After all these processes, the shipping partner collects the items and takes them for delivery. 

The OMS has tools to track real-time shipment information. It is beneficial to both the customers and the eCommerce business. Real-time tracking allows businesses to inform customers about any unexpected delays in delivery. This elevates customer satisfaction. The system also allows customers to check the status of their orders themselves.

An efficient OMS can rebuild goodwill even if a dissatisfied customer returns an item. It can instantaneously process refund requests and update your returns provider about the same. Seamless return and refund policy will enhance customer experience and get them back to you in future.

In general, an eCommerce order management process involves the following:

  • Receiving customer orders
  • Order placement
  • Order fulfilment
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Shipment
  • Returns and refunds

Benefits Of Automated OMS

Next-day delivery has become the new norm. OMS helps eCommerce businesses to fulfil customer orders faster. When an order is placed, the OMS immediately chooses the warehouse that is closest to the destination of the incoming order. It can send automated fulfilment requests to that warehouse and send the ordered item out for delivery with the help of a cost-effective carrier. Automation also reduces the process completion time with leads to faster delivery. An OMS can scale as your business grows. A well-implemented OMS will be capable of handling omnichannel order fulfilment needs. Automated processes also eliminate manual errors which result in accurate and timely delivery.

This is the age of multichannel sales that range from websites, eCommerce marketplaces, to social media platforms and more. Orders coming from distributed platforms can impact order fulfilment speed and customer satisfaction. eCommerce OMS can efficiently process and manage orders coming from multiple channels. It centralizes and tracks data, inventory turnover ratio, and routes orders across channels. The automated system helps eCommerce businesses to meet increasing customer demands without missing out a single order coming through any channel. The system also improves visibility. All departments related to sales and order processing can access relevant data and track order status. The best order management system in Adelaide will also help you analyze sales patterns, track KPIs and forecast sales.

An automated OMS is extremely beneficial to the eCommerce world. Efficient order processing will help eCommerce businesses to offer fast, personalized, and error-free order fulfilment experience to the customers. Meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition with the best order management system Adelaide has to offer.


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