Phykon Solutions Sydney Setting New Technical Support Benchmark

Phykon solutions Sydney – The world is marching towards digitization and businesses are now defined by their technological capabilities. Today, we use numerous tech-enabled devices. And more often than not, we face unplanned or unexpected issues that can negatively impact our daily business operations. It could be a hardware failure, network issues or system errors.

No matter the reason, technical glitches that take more uptime to resolve can put your business at risk. Are you equipped to face such circumstances? How quickly do you respond to your customer’s technical issues? Minimize your downtime and address problems right away. Phykon solutions Sydney offer reliable, round-the-clock automation-assisted support services that can cater to all your technical support needs. 

Customers always expect a rapid response, they generally do not like to wait. Automated technical support solutions can help you solve customer issues anytime, anywhere and through any communication channel. A dedicated technical support team can monitor and maintain your systems and network, provide the technical expertise needed to keep your business run smoothly and tailor systems as per your needs. Your technical support capability can influence your overall customer experience. 

Each organization’s technology needs are different. Automated technical support from Phykon solutions Sydney, guarantees swift, customized service that is tailored to your unique business needs. Experienced technical support teams can bring the latest, innovative and cutting-edge technologies to the fore that can maximize your operational efficiency. You can directly use the technologies implemented by your tech support experts to attain business goals and seek further ideas for expansion and growth. 

Reactive To Proactive Support

It is no longer a viable option to wait for problems to arise or the system to fail before taking action. As the dependence on digital databases and automated systems has increased, even minor technology outages can negatively impact your business operations. Longer network downtime or an inaccessible mail server can lower your productivity and increase expenditure. Hence it is essential to provide security and adequate support needed to prevent system failure and catch potential issues before they actually happen. 

In a reactive support model, assistance is offered only when the problem arises. You will have to wait till the issue gets fixed compromising your productivity and performance. You will never know how long it will take to fix the issue or its impact on your routine operations. Such unexpected downtimes can negatively impact your customer issue. Phykon solutions Sydney follows a proactive approach that focuses more on prevention rather than repair. In a proactive support model, constant monitoring and maintenance are done to prevent network downtime or such unexpected events. 

Technical Support Services

A proactive tech support model comes bundled with a lot of services to ensure the smooth running of your Infrastructure and business. Some of the services include 24/7 network monitoring, network administration, software updates and patch management, antivirus scanning, helpdesk services, backup and recovery, maintenance, etc. Other important services are: 

Pre-sales and Post-sales Support:

Excellent pre-sales and post-sales support are necessary to delight your customers and keep them coming back to you. Based on the product or service purchased, Phykon offers reliable pre-sales and post-sales technical support. Phykon’s technical support team can handle installation issues, assist in network set-ups and management, driver installation, software updates, etc. It also offers after-sales product support through RPA powered contact centres.   

Network Security:

Network security monitoring services aim to detect, investigate and provide an alert on valid security threats or intrusions. It also constantly monitors and generates reports about the current state of your systems. It prevents unauthorised network access and notifies you about immediate maintenance requirements and security alarms. 

Network And Server Monitoring:

Phykon solutions Sydney can proactively monitor the health, performance and availability of your network and manage it remotely from a central console. Proactive tech support from Phykon makes network monitoring easy. We offer better visibility into your performance, bandwidth consumption, recent device configuration changes. Technical support services will allow you to easily identify the cause of trouble and help you fix it before it impacts your end-users.

Cloud Support:

Technical support team from Phykon, can simplify your migration into the cloud environment by guiding you through each step of the process. The transition is made easier by conceptualizing resource management utilization and through compatibility tests. 

Data backup:

Data backup management services enhance data protection, mitigate information risk and ensure access to critical information to avoid data loss and downtime. 

Automation Assisted Technical Support

Customers now demand moment-of-need help through both traditional and non-traditional communication channels. A global customer base demands 24/7 service delivery. Automated technical support from Phykon solutions Sydney gives you a competitive advantage and ensures optimal service delivery. Tech support automation tools help in faster resolutions and improve customer service. It creates opportunities for self-service leading to a lesser number of support tickets. Automation-assisted support tools can keep customers updated about the status of their requests and let tech support teams pay more attention to complex problems. 

Self Service:

Automated service desk tools promote self-service. It gives employees a platform to ask questions, receive answers and resolve issues using the organization’s knowledge base without interrupting tech support agents. Automated technical support solutions use RPA and AI to build and manage support resources or integrate your existing knowledge base. It allows employees to easily resolve their issues over live chat, email, or SMS without directly talking to the support agent. Employee self-service can decrease the response time from hours to seconds.  

Automated Ticket Routing:

Automated tech service tools initially search the knowledge base to find answers to support queries. While it automatically routes a complex support request to the right department and to the right technical support agent. It frees up your support team from the time and complexity required to manually route the queries to the right agent. Automatic ticket routing reduces customer wait times and helps in faster problem resolution.

Multi-channel support:

Automated technical support solutions from Phykon solutions Sydney offer multi-channel support to the customers. Customers may approach you for tech support through any communication channel including email, phone, live chat, social media, etc. Automated tech support solutions can be configured to monitor multiple contact channels simultaneously to ensure your customer support requests are never missed. 


In any case, if some support requests go unanswered or unresolved for a pre-determined period of time, they get automatically escalated. Automatic escalations allow you to ensure that no tech support requests go unresolved. 

Performance Assessment:

An automated email can be triggered when your support agent closes a call or resolves an issue. You can provide customers with a survey link email that allows them to rate their experience with your tech support team. Such automated surveys will give you insights into the productivity of agents and the performance of your tech support team.  

Do not wait to act till things go wrong. Plan ahead to keep your business running continuously through any undesirable event. Be it technical errors, infrastructure failure, malicious threats or cyber-attacks. You should be able to foresee such unprecedented events and act immediately to fix them. Phykon solutions Sydney can work with your team and deliver proactive support services. Phykon has skilled professionals, sophisticated tools and an RPA-powered contact centre to deliver secure, reliable and consistent Technical Support services.