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Managed IT Services in Sydney – Infrastructure Support for Remote Work Environment

Managed IT Services in Sydney – Remote working has seen steady acceptance over the last decade. However, with the crisis brought on by the pandemic, 2020 saw the world nosedive into remote work environments. All around the globe, many embraced remote work successfully to ensure uninterrupted service delivery. While the transition to remote work environments was easy for some, it continues to be a challenge for many others. 

As long as a job does not require in-person services, remote work enablement is the way to ensure business-as-usual. So, how can you do this – swiftly, seamlessly and with minimal disruption?

Get the experts! 

Get Phykon’s Managed IT Services.

We know what it takes to go remote at short notice — because we’ve been there, done that. Not only did Phykon ease into a remote work environment smoothly, we also implemented this for our clients, successfully.

We start at the beginning — reviewing every process requirement, taking into account your organization’s specific needs, functions and workflow.

If you feel unprepared for this transition, you need to know that it is very much doable — there are proven processes and tools that will help you migrate your workforce easily and effectively without a glitch. Here we break down the most common aspects involved in managed IT services in Sydney (and other locations) and support for remote work migration.

Equipment and Accessories

For every remote worker to continue delivering consistent service, you need to supply the necessary equipment. It forms a fundamental part of the remote-work infrastructure. Without sufficient support, work can get disrupted. Provisioning laptops or desktops and basic everyday equipment such as keyboards, monitors, mice, webcams and headsets must be done along with arrangement for replacement, repair and maintenance of the same. Work-specific devices and/or accessories must be supplied to ensure work goes on uninterrupted. Maintaining an inventory is important. 

Also, when workers use company-owned devices, you get greater control over security and solve support issues better. Accessing sensitive information or logging into company email or ERPs through personal devices can pose a risk. Company-owned devices are easier to secure. However, if a worker can only use their personal device, it would be advisable to ensure that their device is secured against any threat.

Cloud Support

With cloud support, we can boost businesses with resources like data storage, databases, networking and software. Rather than store files on local storage devices or hardware, you can safely store essential data on a cloud-based remote database. Managed IT Services in Sydney This enables your remote teams to access information from anywhere in the world. It makes backing up and restoring data easy and software deployments seamless. This way, you don’t get tied to physical, on-premise equipment. Your employees can store and retrieve data from cloud storage. 

Collaboration Tools

In light of increased requirements for collaboration and communication, tools such as ERP solutions can be used as part of managed IT services. Move work forward by ensuring ERP is implemented across the organization. Your staff can securely access ERP systems remotely through a VPN or a web-based portal. Cloud-based ERP solutions allow remote workers to work from anywhere. From scheduling online meetings to task allocation to data storage and sharing, cloud-ERP solutions make it truly easy to get work done when your team is dispersed over various locations. You can streamline work, improve communication, increase productivity and ensure business-as-usual with an effective ERP system. 


With a considerable volume of organizations shifting to the remote work model, there has been a rise in the usage of more cloud services. Additionally, remote workers might use unsecure connections from their homes, hotels or temporary residences. Simultaneously, there has been a rise in cyberattacks. There has been a significant increase in ransomware attacks. This happens due to increased vulnerability and more exposure to risk.

Workers with unsecure connections can be a liability for the organization, its clients and co-workers. It is imperative that your workers have the right kind of managed IT support that ensures stable, reliable, secure connections that do not expose the organization and client-sensitive information to cyberattacks. End-point security measures are put in place to protect users’ devices and that of others connected to the network. For this, protocols and processes must be reviewed and appropriate changes implemented to ramp up security. It is important to educate employees on remote security measures to maintain the integrity of data. Additionally, a secure VPN can protect data from hackers as it is encrypted.

Network Bandwidth

You need sufficient network capacity to get work done. Depending on the requirements of each work profile, assign bandwidth, determine staggered work hours, or use audio conferencing over video or choose other suitable interventions to manage network usage. In the long run, however, it is imperative to arrange with service providers to ensure uninterrupted and sufficient connectivity.

24/7 IT Helpdesk

Get comprehensive IT support at any time, from anywhere with Phykon’s 24/7 managed IT services. You must be kitted out to address IT issues that are bound to come up. And if your workforce is spread out over multiple locations or works 24/7, there’s no saying when they would need support. When your remote workers encounter an IT problem, we can resolve it quickly and efficiently. With a team of IT professionals available round-the-clock, your employees can call, e-mail or chat any time to get swift resolutions. Our IT team can diagnose and tackle the issue and save you precious time. 

If you are pondering over how to migrate into a remote working environment or how to run it better, you are not alone. Making the transition needn’t be yet another challenge during these tough times. Phykon has been delivering top-notch IT support for businesses of all sizes and types for more than a decade now. Our IT experts can review your business needs and provide actionable insights to get you where you want to be.

We have proven processes in place to ease into the remote mode, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Prepare your business to manage any crises. Equip yourself and ensure a more resilient response with the right interventions through managed IT services in Sydney and elsewhere.

Transitioning into or managing remote teams need not be a daunting task. Investing in managed IT services is a wise move, no matter the size or type of your business.