The Best Order Management System in India

The Best Order Management System in India

Best Order Management System in India: Logistics is a pivotal function in the day-to-day operations of several businesses. You need to move your products quickly, efficiently, safely and economically to ensure cost savings and high customer satisfaction. As a business owner, you most likely have many things to worry about. But logistics doesn’t have to be one of them.

Efficient logistics management is easy, if you have the Best Order Management System in India on your side. From receiving an order to delivering it to a customer’s door, Phykon has been providing swift, reliable logistics support to businesses of various sizes and from various industries, for more than a decade now.

Why you need the Best Order Management System in India
Typically, the logistics process begins with receiving and processing an order, preparing the inventory, packing and picking, dispatching and sending it on the quickest route for the fastest delivery.

So how can you get it to work for you to generate immediate and long-term benefits?

Efficient logistics management can be achieved through a result-oriented solution like Phykon’s OMS, to generate quick efficiencies and long-term results:

Instantly improve logistics performance

Achieve faster turnaround time

Eliminate errors

Ensure cost savings

Meet service delivery goals

Overcome resource constraints

Improve customer service

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase revenue

Boost brand reputation

Components of Logistics Management that can be Managed

Phykon’s OMS manages the various components of the logistics process in a seamless, coordinated manner. With real-time inventory updates, end-to-end visibility and data-tracking capabilities, our OMS is an efficient assistant. It brings a level of integration to your business that ties disparate functions together, streamlining communication, increasing collaboration and boosting visibility. This creates a flexible system with a continuous flow of information empowering you to compete with the big names.

Order Management

Customer orders are received from multiple channels and are processed to completion. This seemingly simple process involves multiple actions from checking and preparing inventory, accepting payments, generating invoices, handling documentation manufacturers, suppliers, warehouses and transportation services, managing customer service, ensuring regulatory compliance and more. The best order management system in India is from Phykon and it can manage all aspects of an order’s lifecycle. Phykon employs the power of automation and the expertise of an expert panel with more than a decade of experience in order management. 

Inventory Management

This is a critical aspect of the process that involves controlling and documenting the amount of product for sale. You need very accurate product information that is updated in real-time in order to ensure effective inventory management. Inventory receiving, storing and tracking is a constant, never-ending process that must happen in real-time, all the while dealing with the rapid changes in product movement. This will help you avoid stockouts or unaccounted stock. Purchase patterns will allow you to estimate product demand. This way, you get to avoid having excess stock or being understocked. Low stocks trigger a notification and this leads to automatic replenishment through an automated restocking request. An automatically updated system with a unified, centralised data repository enables better management of inventory.  

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management involves maintaining, controlling and automating warehouse operations. You can prepare your warehouse for peak performance with the help of the best order management system in India, brought to you by Phykon. Warehouse management processes can be seamlessly integrated with the OMS to ensure smooth movement and tracking of products. When stock is received, barcodes can be assigned based on lots and locations within the warehouse. Barcode scanners can make the process faster and easier. This facility makes for easy storing, tracking, picking and inventory counting. Products can be tracked based on their status — picked, packed, on-hold, damaged, etc. Other information pertaining to space utilization and work allocation among warehouse personnel enable warehouse managers to function more efficiently.

Transport Management

Transport management involves considering customer commitments and respecting delivery deadlines, while transporting goods safely and cost effectively. Once a package is ready to be delivered, all that remains is to optimise its shipment. The type of product is a deciding factor too. For example, you need to ascertain whether the package requires refrigeration or not. You can also get connected to carriers. You can identify each vehicle in your fleet with details and keep track of the vehicle’s mileage and forecast service and repairs. Keep track of fuel consumption, and link vehicles to fuel cards to automatically track refills. Monitor vehicle maintenance needs. 

Order Management System for a Bird’s Eye View

A centralised, unified database through an automated system gives every user instant information that’s updated in real time. This heightened visibility combined with the collaborative capabilities of the system cuts down time, boosts productivity, eliminates errors and increases efficiency.

The uninterrupted, effective flow and storage of goods from order placement to delivery can be orchestrated seamlessly and cost-effectively with Phykon’s support solutions. It integrates easily with other functions, provides real-time enterprise-wide visibility and ensures information is available at your fingertips (and that of your customers too!).

Customers today expect a consistent, seamless purchase experience. They have also come to expect speed and efficiency in delivery. Some brands even offer the choice of door delivery or store-pickup. You can distinguish your brand from others by extending convenient, hassle-free delivery through efficiently managed logistics.

With the rise of e-commerce, every business needs proven systems that streamline the logistics process, and get more orders processed with fewer errors and delays. So, to compete with successful e-businesses, you need to be armed to the teeth with the best order management solution in India, a proven solution from Phykon that delivers results.