AI Enabled Technical Support

AI Enabled Technical Support To Turbocharge Efficiencies

AI Enabled Technical Support: In most cases, the Technical Support Representatives know the type of requests that eat up their time and mental energy. Such requests are repetitive and usually easy to solve, but when these come in numbers, the result is a big drain on the tech support team’s capacity. This is the problem Phykon set out to solve using the best chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We found that our client’s tech support staff was responding to a high volume of L1 support calls from users regarding particular application issues, resetting of passwords or even provisioning access to new applications. The client wanted our Innovation Center to find out if there was a more efficient way to handle those routine requests using RPA assisted chat support with minimal impact on satisfaction.


Our team went to work to develop an AI-based solution that could help end users solve this task without intervention from the tech support team, take relevant action to fix the problem, or know when to hand the end user off to a technician to solve the problem. The solution we developed was an intelligent chatbot built on Phykon’s RPA reference framework. This framework contains log data analysis, natural language processing, classification algorithms, and closed-loop process automation capabilities. For example, if a user types, “I can’t access the lead management system,” our chatbot understands the intent of the message and passes on the context to an AI engine to analyze the logs. If the machine is down, the chatbot communicates the reason to the user or restarts the services through automation scripts that are pre-designed to successfully execute tasks.


Your company too can use the best technical support solutions to program an AI application that can spot patterns that will help your teams perform root cause analysis to prevent them. It collects data and identifies patterns about recurring problems, such as similar requests, a disproportionate number of requests coming from the same location, or the requests that frequently require human intervention to find a solution. This can help your team offer world-class RPA chat support, fix underlying problems and prevent lots of service requests. Phykon can help you assess your processes and build next-generation tools that will help your team offer the best tech support solutions, be more efficient and effective while providing a highly personal end-user experience.

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