AI. The revolution in a contact centre

The term Artificial Intelligence may not be new anymore, but still, companies around the world don’t fully comprehend how automation can revolutionise their businesses. The seismic shift from voice-to-text-based communication has been an enabling factor in the adoption of this technology in the customer service sector. The primary focus of deploying AI in customer care service, however, remains the same i.e. improving the overall customer interaction experience.

AI is an effective way of performing tasks quickly and efficiently while reducing the expenses incurred by a human representative. Although AI is not yet ready to perform all kinds of duties a human contact care centre representative could, it can easily handle consumer requests that are very simple, mundane and easy to resolve.

Advances in automation technologies such as RPA assisted chat support and AI-enabled communication means that 24×7 interactions and customer service is now a reality. With consumers all around the world feeling the need to fulfil their everyday queries instantly and effectively, AI & RPA Powered Contact Centre Solutions are also evolving to meet this growing demand. Today, a person can order a pizza (just by sending an emoji), reserve a seat in the train, book a movie ticket, get financial statements etc. only due to the development of sophisticated automation systems that are powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In a contact centre environment, AI can draw meaning from a customer contact viz. emails, chats, messages, etc. and use it to execute some monotonous tasks that would traditionally be performed by a human agent. From a business perspective, this can offer two major benefits – efficiency and productivity. Automation can help to process, screen, interpret and organise incoming customer contacts properly and swiftly. Since a customer service agent no longer has to do a repetitive task, they can now divert their time and focus to other responsibilities that require human intervention. Based on previous transactions and responses, an AI powered customer service can interpret a new contact and automatically generate a personalised reply that can be sent to the customer without any human interaction. All these touch-points result in more data to be collected about customers, which in turn means that your business can interact with customers more without having to spend additional time and resources.

The disruption created by the technological breakthroughs in automation technology is gaining traction within the customer service industry and taking almost every industry by storm. AI is being touted as the next industrial revolution, and we have already stepped into an era of automated and more targeted customer service. With a wide array of services and intelligent assistance, businesses with an AI-powered contact centre are bound to leave behind their traditional and inefficient customer care experience for good.

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