Automation Enabled Order Managemet Sysytem And RPA Powered Solution For Optimizing Product Return Calls

Order Management Sysytem is a computer software system that helps companies in the entry and processing of orders. Especially relevant in the case of organizations that deal with multiple orders on an hourly basis, an efficient OMS in most cases forms its central nervous system. Using the rich insights gained from interacting with customers over the years, Phykon has developed one of the best OM Systems or best order management system in the market.

Order management is one of the most important processes in an organization. As long as the going is good, it seems simple enough. But when it comes to ensuring a flawless customer experience, service quality, productivity, risk mitigation and futureproofing at the same time, things get a little complicated. Many organizations today understand the true power of having a best Order Management System that can stand the test of time.

The client began working with Phykon to enhance their existing legacy IVR system with intelligent self-service capable of handling return processes independently. With dial-ins for both consumers and business partners, the solution needed to handle return orders of all types and complexities.

The Solution

The AI and RPA powered solution from Phykon contains Product Return Calls so that live agents can focus on helping customers with other requests. Phykon proactively communicated with customers to ensure all necessary information was confirmed Consumer dialogue was better captured and processed with 100% Natural Language throughout the call Feedback was collected from customers to improve future service quality using the best RPA automation software.

The Outcome

64% improvement in successful order returns using the best RPA software 50% reduction in order return call times from 6 minutes with a live agent to 3 minutes with AI and RPA powered solution 15% cost savings in live agent costs along with the best order processing experience.

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