RPA? How Do I Get Started?

Assuming that as an organisation you have already understood the advantages of using Robotic Process Automation aka RPA, the next logical query will be “How do we get started?”. RPA as a technology brings in its set of great advantages and can effectively perform complex tasks. The technology is also quite simple from the organisational rollout or deployment perspective.

To begin with, your organisation can first identify the operational tasks that are repetitive, intensely manual, time consuming and/or require a high degree of precision. To start off, get your management onboard about the effectiveness of an RPA powered back office or RPA assisted back office support. In the next step, set out the goals that are to be achieved from using RPA. Setting of goals will make it easier to identify the specific areas where RPA can be useful to achieve better productivity.

It would also be desirable to set up a core team that can take charge when it comes to RPA and its governance mechanism within the organisation. Once the core team is ready with the list of goals for enabling RPA, our team of specialists can work with you to pinpoint the areas where RPA will be the most effective. The general rule of thumb here is to identify tasks that are largely repetitive, require large investments in terms of employee manhours, and may also need to be completed with minimal or no errors within a specific period of time.

Team Phykon will then create a roadmap that will help you deploy RPA in your organisation within a matter of days. The rollout will be optimized after deployment to fully harness its usefulness in completing tasks and freeing up employee manhours. Once deployed, the workflow can also be tweaked in case certain components need manual attention. In this case the function can be moved back and forth between a robotic worker and a real employee to achieve the correct results. RPA as a technology exists outside your organisation’s existing IT infrastructure. This in fact negates the need for deep integration and hence works in the most non-interferential manner.

The timeframe to deploy RPA technology for an RPA powered back office or RPA assisted back office support will be more or less similar to the amount of time needed to fully train a regular employee on the same topic. Needless to say, the timeframe increases with the complexity of the task involved. But once ready, RPA becomes a full-time 24/7 worker that can operate tirelessly without generating any additional costs and maintaining 100% accuracy. Our RPA software even works as an extension of your Business Process Management software to ensure maximum productivity with the minimum investment.


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