Automate Farm Management Seamlessly With The Best Automation Software In Melbourne

Automate Farm Management Seamlessly With The Best Automation Software In Melbourne

Best Automation Software In Melbourne – The agriculture or farming sector, one of the oldest industries, always had its fair share of problems. Rising population, increasing demands and diminishing resources are the most important challenges faced by the agricultural sector. Some advances in machinery and farm equipment have improved cultivation and productivity to an extent. But the agriculture industry still struggles to meet the demands of the ever-growing population.

How can you overcome these challenges? What can be done to increase the efficiency of farms? How can you improve productivity and adopt effective farm management practices? An innovative and data-driven strategy will help you tackle the situation.

Innovative technologies like RPA and AI can help the agriculture sector, including farmers, traders, and distributors, meet production needs. The best automation software in Melbourne from Phykon can streamline and accelerate your farm management processes and increase overall efficiency. 

The use of automation, Artificial intelligence, analytics and other innovative technologies will help you with optimal utilization of available resources, increase yields, build sustainability and resilience across crop cultivation and animal husbandry.  The best automation software in Melbourne will improve decision making, allowing better risk and variability management to optimize yields. When deployed in animal husbandry, it will help you address growing concerns of animal welfare and enhance the well-being of livestock.

Key Concerns

The increasing environmental pressures like climate change, limited resources and arable land, coupled with social pressures and shifting policies aggravate the challenges of agricultural production. Depleting resources, rising energy, labour and nutrient costs are pressurizing profit margins. There is always a push for more ethical and sustainable farm practices, such as higher standards for farm-animal welfare and reduced use of chemicals.

Bottle­necks in the supply chain and the lack of risk management and flexibility can increase the wastage of agricultural produce. Disruptions in the supply chain can lead to wastage of perishable products like dairy products which have a short shelf-life. Today, customers wish to know the journey of the products from farm to table. Hence, end-to-end supply chain transparency is essential to satisfy customers and enhance their trust in your business. The best automation software in Melbourne can easily automate a major portion of your farm management process. It can assist you with planning, analysing data and predicting outcomes, pricing and improving accounting methods. 

Agriculture-based businesses and people engaged in farming have to handle an endless number of repetitive processes daily. They constantly need to control key processes and metrics like monitoring plant health, livestock welfare, soil conditions, etc. They also have to keep a track of yields and revenue, monitor logistics, transportation, exchange rates and more. Distributors and traders who buy and sell farm produce have to constantly monitor prices and track price changes in real-time. Constantly contacting suppliers or buyers, and doing follow-ups are repetitive and time-intensive processes. 

Robotic Process Automation software allows farmers, traders and distributors to automate the majority of their repetitive processes which will help them focus their efforts on performing other critical tasks. Thus automation will help you improve productivity and profit. 

Automated Farm Management

Automated farm management system encompasses digital tools which help in automating business management, record keeping and accounting for farms and agribusiness. Farm management automation with the best automation software in Melbourne can assist agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain. It is a comprehensive solution to better plan and predict outcomes and helps with management, accounting, inventory, sales, and many more. It offers accurate insights into different parameters which will help you make data-driven agribusiness decisions.

Automated farm management systems(FMS) will enable you to map your farm’s crops, livestock, and land infrastructure. It can assist you in recording and maintaining details of farmland, number of farm animals, number of sites and more. Automation will help you plan all farm activities more efficiently. You can easily define the package of practices or crop schedules and delegate different tasks to farmworkers and supervisors respectively. FMS will allow you to record all allocated tasks, their progress and present status. 

Employee Management:

Larger farms often employ more labourers and it is essential to effectively manage farmland workers and track performance. Automated solutions can assist you with labour registration,  labour management, payroll, salary calculation, leave management, etc. It will also help you track the performances of your workers accurately.

Resource tracking:

Automation assisted farm management can seamlessly keep track of farm-level or production activities and usage of on-field resources. You can easily get the activity-wise details of man, machinery and material in your farm. 

Post-production Activities:

Farm management systems integrated with the best automation software in Melbourne can optimize the post-production cycle of your agribusiness. It ensures maximum return on your farm produce. Automated FMS can streamline post-production activities like harvesting, quality control, grading, processing,  cleaning, packing, etc. It can also help you in tracking wastage or pilferage. Quality checks are often performed at various stages of production and post-production. The system will allow you to keep assessment records and determine the results of batch-wise quality checks. FMS can streamline and optimize sales booking, order processing, fulfilment delivery and dispatch. These data can be linked with the inventory to automatically update inventory levels after each successful sale.


Automated FMS will let you track the stock levels across multiple farms or multiple stores. It will help you save costs and prevent wastage by keeping inventory at optimal levels. It also offers better traceability on your agricultural products. You can easily track products at all stages, let it be at processing, distribution, transportation or retail stores. 


An efficient Farm Management System can help you with reporting and analysis. It will help you transform your agricultural data into powerful decision-making tools. Valuable insights derived from FMS can help you employ the right procedures to improve farm efficiency and crop productivity. The availability of complex agricultural metrics in real-time will enable you to make better business decisions. Real-time data will help you analyze new trends, customer demands and product requirements accurately. It will enable you to formulate effective strategic plans to refine your agribusiness functions. 

The automated farm management system is an integrated platform where all of your agribusiness components can be seen, analyzed, and optimized in one place. Agriculture or farming is much more than an activity for producing food for consumption, it is in fact a business venture. Farm management systems (FMS) assisted with the best automation software in Melbourne enables precision farming. It helps agribusinesses achieve production advances required to feed an ever-growing population as well as in attaining sustainability, productivity and traceability efficiencies.