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Best Automation Software Sydney to Accelerate Back-office Transformations in 2020

Best Automation Software Sydney: Automating end-to-end processes is a primary goal in the path to digital transformation. Businesses need to be more agile to thrive in today’s ever-changing marketplace. It is equally important to get the front and back-offices to work together as a single unit. Independent front and back-office operations will not let you react and adapt quickly to changing business environments. You need digital capabilities and streamlined processes in place to be on the competitive edge. It is a herculean task to build up a thriving business. However, the best automation software in Sydney can improve your operational efficiency. 

It can seamlessly automate your back-office operations making them more accurate, efficient and effortless. The real efficiency begins with a back-office transformation. Siloed data sources, legacy systems, disconnected and manual paper-based processes can drag you down. It can also significantly impact your productivity and customer experience. 

Significance Of Back-Office Automation in 2020

Businesses are now becoming more and more aware of the importance of digital transformation. But a majority of the small and medium-sized businesses were still in the early stages of transformation. This trend is undergoing a paradigm shift right from the beginning of 2020. More SMEs are seeking to adopt technology faster, as a consequence of the pandemic. They are trying to become more digitally relevant to meet customer expectations and provide uninterrupted digital customer experience. Digital adoption is inevitable to support remote working employees too. Statistics show that digital adoption jumped to more than 90% during 2020.

Intelligent and automated back-office operations allow organisations to find the right balance between human workers and digital colleagues. Automation can transform all aspects of your back-office, allowing staff to focus on more strategic work. It enables them to concentrate more on optimising compliance, financial transparency and improving overall customer experience. Intelligent automation empowers employees with tools they need to work smarter and be more productive. The best automation software in Sydney allows organizations to respond and adapt just as quickly as their business counterparts.

Understanding Back-office Automation

The back office in most organizations performs work that supports front office or client-facing functions. These tasks are generally those that serve administrative or support functions. Back-office operations are generally paper-intensive and labor-intensive support functions. Automation of back-office tasks enables you to eliminate inefficient, antiquated, paper-driven processes. It minimizes manual errors and allows employees to complete their work with greater ease. With back-office automation, you can automate repetitive, rule-based, mundane tasks using digital technology. With planning, you can make the best automation software in Sydney work for you, to redefine tasks allocation and execution in your back office.

Back-office functions can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Information Technology (IT) services
  • Data Management
  • Record maintenance
  • Settlements and clearances
  • Risk management
  • Procurement
  • Order fulfilment
  • Transaction processing
  • Document preparation

Manual errors, processing delays, tracking issues, repetition, poor communication or other inconsistencies can negatively impact customer experience. To offer customer-centric service, it is important to connect and streamline both back-office and customer-facing operations. Back-office automation is not only a cost-saving investment but also a customer retention tool. Phykon provides the best automation software in Sydney that will help you achieve increased profitability, agility and flexibility.

Building Future-proof Businesses

Innovative technologies like RPA and AI can boost transformation efforts in building future-ready organizations. These technologies can polish your back-office functions and bring about operational efficiencies like reduced cost, faster turnaround times, and increased productivity. Utilise the best automation software in Sydney to accelerate your digital transformation by facilitating rapid end-to-end business process automation. You can further expand the possibilities of back-office automation by augmenting RPA with AI technologies. 

RPA in Eliminating Manual Tasks

The best automation software in Sydney employs digital workers or software bots to handle repetitive, mundane tasks. Redeploy people to higher-value tasks that are more interesting, enjoyable and rewarding. It can make employees happier, more engaged and more satisfied. Repetitive tasks like invoice processing include several variables, in huge volume and in multiple formats. Manual processing of these invoices will be inefficient, error-prone and have increased risk of non-compliance. However, automation can make it more accurate, increase processing speed and reduce processing cost. With automation, you can eliminate the challenges of multiple formats. Automated systems learn over time, improving accuracy and speed further. RPA automatically routes invoices to the right place and enforces approval policies.

Process optimization

Organisations can accelerate their back-office transformation by integrating technologies that help in harnessing data with the power of AI. Enable back-office teams to create a comprehensive workflow that optimises end-to-end operations with the best automation software in Sydney by Phykon. It allows you to build and manage your digital workforce, automate routine tasks and enhance your customer journey. Cognitive capture and analysis with AI helps you to extract data from any type of document, structured or unstructured, and automatically integrate it into workflows. Advanced analytics gives you better visibility into operational performance. Better visibility allows you to identify bottlenecks early, and resolve it before customers and suppliers are impacted. 

For better agility, speed and innovation, businesses are looking to make their move into the cloud. Cloud-based automation solutions can also accelerate your back-office transformation as it can be quickly implemented or removed as needed. Cloud-based systems are also cost-effective as it can be supported by a smaller back-office team. The right blend of automation tools, AI and data analytics will empower your back-office team to move beyond transactional processes. It enables them to play a more strategic role.

Get the best automation software in Sydney to allow your back-office team to make pivotal decisions that help in driving business growth. A myriad of connections go on behind the scenes, from the front to the back office, to deliver on the promises made to customers. Back-offices are not mere cost centres. It’s time to bring it to the forefront. Embrace automation, extend it to your back-office and accelerate your digital transformation with the best automation software in Sydney