ERP Software Solutions in Bangalore

How ERP Software Solutions in Bangalore Support Recruitment Process Outsourcing

ERP Software Solutions in Bangalore: Recruitment is a core, strategic business function vital to your business’s long-term success. You need the right professionals with the right skills that align with the needs of your business. Sometimes the business requirements demand multiple hires within a limited timeframe. And sometimes, it is planned over a longer duration. In any case, an unplanned and uncoordinated recruitment drive can lead to increased costs and can affect your chances of landing the right recruits.

If you are looking for an efficient, effective and painless solution to your recruitment needs, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the right solution for you. When supported by the right ERP Software Solutions in Bangalore, you can streamline hiring through RPO and acquire the right talent, quickly and cost-effectively. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO can be considered as a form of business process outsourcing where an organization can transfer all or a part of their recruitment process to an external provider. The third-party RPO service provider acts as an extension of the company’s human resource department. They can take over your entire recruiting function right from the job posting to onboarding, while others can work with your internal team. RPO vendors don’t just fill vacancies, they literally manage your entire recruiting function.

ERP – Bridging the Gap

The recruitment process must ideally be proactive and strategic. It should also leverage the right tools to attract, engage, and onboard the right talent. And most of all, to get your requirements right and for a smoother experience, there must always be an open channel of communication between you and the recruitment service provider. What better way to accomplish this than through efficient ERP software solutions?

With centralized data, real-time updates, automated workflows and clear visibility, ERP software solutions speed up not just communications but also the entire hiring process. You can keep yourself up-to-date on the latest developments, share quick responses and have an auditable log of information. It brings in a level of transparency that provides clarity and control on both sides of the partnership. Automated work processes makes work completion swifter and streamlined.

Why You Must Choose RPO

The needs and business demands of businesses differ. Small enterprises often struggle to manage their recruiting cost, while large organizations have in-house recruitment solutions. Moreover, searching, hiring, and keeping top talent can be a real challenge for small and medium businesses. Increased dependence on technology and business-altering innovations such as AI and RPA force businesses to compete for specific, often scarce skill sets. Managing dynamic hiring needs throughout the year can be challenging for SMBs. They will need to scale up staff to meet the fluctuating demands. 

RPO can be considered as the most feasible solution to efficiently meet these challenges. It will also free up your HR department to focus more on achieving business goals. Apart from reducing the overall recruiting costs, it also makes hiring costs predictable. RPO can help boost branding efforts and create a centralized talent pipeline to meet ever-growing hiring demands.

RPO helps businesses to rapidly scale according to the changing recruitment needs. It delivers quality professionals as it follows a disciplined approach to search, select, and hire the right talents. The right use of technology at the right place and the creation of a talent pool for future requirements speeds up the hiring process. It also reduces the overall hiring cost.

What Does An RPO Service Provider Offer

You can outsource all or a part of your recruitment process and avail services as per your requirements. RPO vendors let you customize services based on your needs. In general third-party RPO service providers follow the given series of steps.

1.Client analysis

  • Size of the client firm or SME
  • Domain
  • Present and future recruiting needs

2.Talent acquisition planning

  • Diversify the organizations labour force as per requirement
  • Future resource planning
  • Setting up compliance and hiring standards
  • Focus on long term human resource planning than on short term labour demands

3.Set up an integrated platform (ERP) to ease client-vendor communication

  • Maintain a database of candidates
  • Has separate logins and multi-level access control for candidates, the client (SME) and the vendor
  • Allow managers of the firm to post their open job requirements and track status

4.Recruitment marketing

  • Creating job descriptions
  • Posting job advertisements
  • Employer branding

5.Candidate sourcing and outreach

  • Application intake
  • Searching for candidates
  • Shortlisting the right-fit candidates
  • Tracking

6.Screening and assessment

  • Scheduling tests and interview
  • Skills capabilities and behavioural assessments
  • Identification of training needs

7.Reference and background check

  • Verifying the candidate’s claim on employment history
  • Academic records verification
  • Criminal background check

8.Candidate selection

  • Measuring the candidate’s fitness to the job role 
  • Final analysis of the candidate with the help of role-specific selection system
  • Hiring the candidate


  • Training and orientation
  • Make the new joinee understands what is expected from them
  • Familiarize values and company culture.
  • Streamlining work process and accountability

RPO service providers initially make a thorough analysis of your organization to study your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. They make an assessment of your current hiring process and put forward a strategic recruiting plan to improve the current one. Automated solutions speed up the processes and make it more accurate and free from manual errors.

The Role of ERP

The use of integrated ERP platforms can further enhance the entire process. RPO service providers employ ERP software solutions in Bangalore to make the recruitment process more seamless. The use of ERP in RPO allows both the vendor and managers of SME (client) log in to a single platform. The integrated ERP platform allows both the client and vendor to post jobs, view and manage the recruitment process respectively. Managers can post the requirements of various departments and specify budget allocations to each position. Consequently, the vendor pulls out this information, prepare a job description and post it on various platforms. ERP platform also allows them to automatically search through the centralized database to find a matching candidate profile. 

The managers of the firm can review candidates who have passed through the initial filters. The system automatically stores the data of those who did not make it through the present stage. This data gets stored into a talent pool which can be used for future openings. ERP software solutions in Bangalore not only automate different tasks but also make communication with the vendor and client firm easier. The client firm can track the status and progress of the recruitment process easily through the ERP platform. The vendor can view new job requirements from the client in real-time. The system generates reports on the number of recruited candidates, performance and how long have they stayed in the firm. 

The common platform improves the transparency of the recruitment process.

Achieve Improvements with ERP software solutions

  • Client-vendor communication
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Auditability
  • Time management
  • Report generation and a lot more.

An RPO firm provides highly qualified, experienced subject matter experts to handle any aspect of your recruitment process. It brings much-needed scalability and flexibility to the process. RPO does a lot more than just hiring. It takes into account how employees fit, your overall strategic goals and the long-term plans for each hire. RPO is all about transforming your recruitment process into a better one. It breaks down talent acquisition and performance silos, manages compliance issues, boosts efficiencies, and reduces hiring costs.

You can Rely on RPO Service Providers to Streamline Recruitment 

Organizations are now abandoning their legacy recruitment strategies and adopting standalone, specialized recruiting solutions. Intense competition from revolutionary startups and established firms are coaxing businesses to modernize their hiring practices. Whether you are a start-up or a business going through expansion, RPO service providers will help you meet recruiting demands. And, efficient ERP software solutions can bridge the gap and provide a two-way channel of communication to get work done better, keep the entire process streamlined and efficient to help you obtain top-notch talent without hassles.