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Business Integrated Solutions for a Successful eCommerce Firm

E-commerce Call Center Services Provider in India: Running a successful eCommerce Business is no joke. We know. It takes the same diligence as running a brick-and-mortar store. Plus, some unique steps. 

What are these unique steps?

Phykon has been a growth-enabling E-commerce Call Center Services Provider in India for more than a decade now. And that is why we have the right solutions and services designed to work with businesses of all sizes and types. 

You might have a website that is on point, but it will do you no good if you miss orders or if you don’t respond to customers on time. Read more to know what you need to do to ensure your online business is not just delivered but goes the extra mile. 

Customer Support

Our customer support professionals are available 24/7/365 over various channels — phone, email, social media, messaging services, live chat, etc. We assist customers every day, throughout the year, including holidays & weekends. As a Top E-commerce Call Center Services Provider in India, we engage only the best. Qualified, highly-skilled professionals handle your customer support requirements with competence. They are rigorously trained to handle customer interactions. 

They have long-standing, deep global experience. Skilled and experienced staff work on a systematic, closely supervised, rotational basis. Ours is a highly specialised team with the ideal background for the specific needs that online businesses have. Additionally, we have team expertise in various order processing ERPs and order management systems. Every customer interaction is treated with diligence, and the commitment to deliver efficient results.

eCommerce-oriented Website

Interactive eCommerce websites have the power to transform the entire online shopping experience. We will help you offer a unique and engaging shopping experience for your customers. Phykon implements innovative technologies to maximize the profitability of your online store.

Create a best-in-class shopping experience by building a dynamic eCommerce website with interactive elements and engaging content. Build customized eCommerce web pages that reflect your brand voice. Build desktop and mobile responsive web pages and have better control over how visitors view your store. We will help you increase conversion rates and drive more sales across all devices. This way, you will be able to manage web content easily and include engaging content like banners, videos and images. With user-friendly content, you can inform, guide and assist your customers, and keep them updated always. 

Add product information, sophisticated product options, attributes and filters to help customers locate them easily. Adding custom content on category pages will help in improving product discovery. Create and manage an eCommerce website easily with our integrated eCommerce business solutions. Phykon offers in-depth consultation and guidance to design every aspect of your eCommerce website.

Digital Marketing

The right digital marketing strategy can maximize the reach of your online store. Online shoppers usually spend hours or days researching the product they want to buy. And your brand needs to catch their eyes.

We will help you build an effective digital marketing strategy that aims to meet curious online shoppers at every phase of their research — from product discovery to reviews and comparisons. Offer the content they seek during the research phase. We will help you optimize your web content by including the right keyword, backlinks, image alt texts and more. SEO-friendly content and website design will drive more organic traffic to your eCommerce site. Powerful email marketing campaigns will help you attract new customers and also encourage repeat purchases from existing customers. We will help you build an effective Social media marketing strategy for greater brand visibility, and run PPC advertisements to drive more sales. Automated emails promoting products and offering special discounts can bring in more sales. Abandoned cart emails gently remind shoppers about the items left in their carts.


Phykon offers a unique and comprehensive Order Management Solution. It is a combination of our very own automation-enabled order management software and our panel of experts. With this solution you can receive, process and track orders with 100% accuracy and efficiency. Our eCommerce order management system will enable you to manage orders that involve multiple sales channels and multiple fulfilment points. This will allow you to deliver consistent customer experiences at scale across every channel. We will help you manage orders from one centralized platform and deliver unfailing service through all business/sales channels.

Our highly specialized team has more than 16 years of experience in order processing. Available 24/7/365, our experts process orders every day, throughout the year, including holidays & weekends. We share insights gained over a decade, through countless successful deliveries with 100% accuracy. Our consolidated order management system helps you manage customer information and order data, access accounting information, and update your warehouse inventory, all from one system. We offer features like order orchestration, real-time stock visibility, order routing, and more.

As a top E-commerce Call Center Services Provider in India, our order management service offering is also supported by experienced professionals on call 24/7/365. This ensures that your customers can access your business anytime and anywhere. Also, you can assist them in the best way possible, on the channel of their choice, increasing customer satisfaction and positive online reviews.

Warehousing and inventory management system  

Our warehouse management system (WMS) helps you control and manage day-to-day operations in a warehouse. It offers better visibility into inventory and manages the entire supply chain fulfillment operations. Fulfill online orders instantaneously. Trace ordered products within the warehouse without delay. Features of our WMS range from basic processes like a pick, pack and ship functionality to sophisticated programs coordinating advanced interactions with material-handling devices and yard management. 

Enable modern inventory management with a faster user interface. Activate features on-demand to manage anything from a single inventory to multiple warehouses. Unique double-entry inventory management to ensure full traceability — everything needed is moved from supplier to customer. Update transactions (picking/manufacturing order). Increase mobility — scan products with a barcode scanner; control dashboards and track orders wherever you are. We enable eCommerce businesses to prepare delivery orders based on availability and structure warehouses conveniently with hierarchical locations. Our solution also enables drop-shipping, pick-pack-ship, cross-docking, etc.


Phykon helps online businesses develop an intuitive user interface and employ best practices to configure and deploy CRM. Generate the full history of activities linked to a customer, like their address, orders, invoices, customer preferences, etc. Storing and managing relevant customer information will let you create customized email templates, schedule automatic follow-ups and generate custom alerts for effective customer communication. 

Our solution will enable you to track, log and analyse the activities of your team and analyse reasons for losing an opportunity with the help of custom reports. We will help you nurture your leads through personalized campaigns, optimize your lead acquisition process and track the source of leads, utilize every single opportunity and define a set of actions to be followed in each case. Our effective CRM strategy will aid you to deliver a smoother, more convenient customer experience, which directly translates to more sales. CRM-eCommerce integration also enhances all marketing activities, from planning to targeting and execution.

These are a few of the most important elements of an eCommerce Business. If you lay the groundwork by incorporating these features, you can sit back and focus more on growing your business and less on firefighting. If you are new to the game or still finding your feet, it can be hard figuring out where to start. Think no further and sign up for a free consultation with our experts. We shall provide a data-backed analysis of your business and demonstrate how you can grow. Request a call-back today!