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How ERP Solutions Can Help Lead Your Digital Transformation

A future-fit business is one that runs on intelligence, insights, and expertise. One that is resilient with meaningful digital engagement. What does an ERP solution have to do with it, you ask? It has everything to do with it and more. 

The evolution of the global business landscape has opened up new opportunities and challenges for organizations around the world. And it has considerably altered the need for digital engagement. Truly, there is considerable pressure on businesses to rise up to customer expectations while maintaining speed, resilience and service continuity. 

For this reason, it is essential to seek out all available tools to ease the pressure and give your business a competitive advantage over your counterparts. ERP remains a proven solution to build a cognitive enterprise. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions have been around for the past few decades. It continues to keep pace with time and has advanced from back-office to the forefront of business digitization. Now ERP solutions are getting better with innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and RPA tools as well. Phykon solutions offer customized ERP solutions integrated with automation to provide you the best digital experience.

Why Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is crucial for survival in today’s challenging and competitive business environment. It is all about reinventing your business, encouraging innovation or new business models to positively respond to uncertainties. It is about leveraging digital technology for better productivity and to accelerate business growth. In fact, there is no doubt that efficient digital transformation strategies can improve the overall experience of your employees, customers and other stakeholders. ERP can bring revolutionary changes to your business functions. It can easily manage the flow of information between several business processes and integrate business transactions in real-time.

How ERP Can Positively Impact Your Business

Flexible solutions

Customized ERP solutions often form the basis of a robust digital transformation strategy. Phykon solutions offer tailored ERP solutions flexible enough to meet your current as well as future business requirements. Digital transformation with customized ERP can give your business a competitive advantage over others.

Real-time data

Modern ERP solutions enable you to make data-driven business decisions. ERP systems allow a seamless flow of real-time data throughout your enterprise. And so, actionable, real-time data will be available to the right people at the right time to make strategic business decisions.

Centralized workflow

ERP systems allow you to assign tasks, track the status and monitor employee performance all from a single platform. Such a centralized platform will boost your employee productivity. Phykon solutions focus on helping clients gain operational efficiency through automation.

Easy integration

Your business may require other solutions to fulfil certain requirements. ERP allows you to easily integrate such solutions to seamlessly manage all operations from one place.


Even the best employee can go wrong at some point if they are made to do the same tasks repetitively. Entering the same line of data multiple times to multiple systems can lower your employee morale. In particular, manual report generation, inventory level monitoring, timesheet tracking, etc. are tasks which previously took hours to accomplish. These tasks were not only time consuming but also prone to human errors. The right ERP solution can automate such tedious, repetitive tasks and free your employees to focus on critical business functions.

Centralized platform

A centralized database and a single platform to manage all business functions make an ERP solution unique. It also maintains data integrity as real-time data gets automatically updated into the system. This eliminates the occurrence of errors brought about by incorrect data. All authorised team members can have access to company-wide data relevant to smoothly carry out their individual tasks. All business-related data can be compiled, stored, shared and accessed through a single platform. It avoids concerns about the accuracy and consistency of files and records.

Communication and Collaboration

Customized ERP solutions also improve employee collaboration. It offers a unified platform for team members to assign and reallocate tasks, and view status updates. It gives employees better visibility into the projects they are working on, employee timesheets and more. Managers can also view work updates and receive employee feedback from the ERP platform. This makes it the best solution to work in the new normal. It will help you overcome the communication barriers in remote work environments. 

ERP In Your Digital Transformation Journey

ERP solutions must be customized according to your business processes and objectives. Phykon solutions can offer tailored ERP solutions that are fully aligned with your organization’s digital strategy.  As a part of the digital transformation, you will have to re-engineer business processes and focus on change-management initiatives for employees. 

Change Management

Organizational change management is essential to successfully implement an ERP solution. Employees and stakeholders may resist the adoption of new technologies. Identify and eliminate barriers that prevent employees from using innovative technologies. Communications and training are two important aspects of effective change management. Educate all employees about the importance of implementing the change and benefits of using the new system. Give them proper training to ease them into the new solution. To reduce the risk of disruption, implement the solution in phases. It is better to implement ERP module-wise and update functional groups one after the other. 

Such an approach will help businesses to better understand the implementation process, and challenges associated with the same. Also, it makes employee training easier. The incremental adoption will also help deployment teams to continually enhance deployment processes. 

Derive Insights To Make Data-driven Business Decisions

Derive insights from business data. It is crucial for survival in today’s competitive market. You should adopt a comprehensive data governance program to clean, manage, store and archive data in the centralized database. Efficiently utilize the available data to analyse your business performance. Ensure that the data is accurate and consistent. Derive valuable insights by applying predictive analytics to the data in the ERP system. This will help you plan marketing campaigns, set new goals and objectives and make strategic business decisions.

Be Customer-Centric

Integration of ERP with CRM will help you analyze critical customer data and interactions to provide personalized customer experience. Integrating ERP with eCommerce systems will help you enhance inventory management, supply-chain operations and pricing. When implemented and utilised correctly, ERP systems can drastically improve customer experience. 

Digital transformation can revamp your business and take it to new heights. And ERP customised to your business’s unique needs, makes this possible. Phykon solutions will help you maximize your ERP investment with advanced technologies like RPA and AI. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our tailored ERP solution will help you increase productivity, reduce costs, support collaboration, and develop strategic decision-making skills. Build a resilient and flexible business model with the help of the right partner.


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