RPA assisted automation. The next frontier in customer service

The history of customer service perhaps goes back to the first commodity or service that was ever sold to a buyer. Over decades and even centuries, customer service has evolved in multiple ways, but its core has always remained unchanged. Using technology in all its diverse forms, companies have always tried to offer the best customer service in the shortest span of time. Over the past decade, millennials have largely fuelled the trend of instant and best customer service driven by companies that engage with their customers round the clock. Increasing customer expectations are decreasing response times so much so that some of the biggest names now respond to customer queries within a matter of seconds. But, what if this is just the beginning? What if, companies can offer stellar service in real-time while controlling operational costs and boosting customer satisfaction levels? Sounds impossible, but the ground reality is that cutting-edge robotic process automation software and AI powered back offices are ringing in a new era of revolutionary change.

Robotic automation software. How does it help?

For starters, the best RPA software when deployed in back offices, helps in reducing processing time and boosting efficiencies significantly. Imagine a back office where well-trained staff works in conjunction with the best robotic process automation software to accomplish twice as much work in half the time. Best RPA software or RPA automation when done correctly, breaks down established workflows and processes into logical steps and lets an efficient software program execute them with clock-like precision. Unlike regular employees, RPA software doesn’t need downtime or breaks and can keep things running efficiently even after office hours. In processes where, certain approvals and authorizations are needed, the software can hand over the process to the concerned staff, and then continue with it as and when the approvals are done. Such level of customisation translates into huge cost savings in the long run. But, what about the customer benefit? An efficient back office that executes tasks flawlessly in a timely manner, gives the customer the confidence that they are dealing with a company that takes customer service seriously. Better operational efficiency will always result in happier customers who will trust your company to deliver on time, every time.

AI contact centres are here to stay

Gone are the days when customer service used to be all about picking up a phone, waiting for many minutes, and then finally interacting with a customer service agent to get issues resolved. AI has in recent times taken over the role of offering customers the right information at the right time to mostly eliminate the need to contact the contact centre. Companies with the best AI contact centre operations offer AI as the first touch point to their customers. The Best ai customer support practices also involve deriving actionable insights from this information and offering it to customer’s service representatives, so that they can better address the customer’s concerns. When taken to the next level, AI can also be used for deciphering such insights from customer call records and give the teams an opportunity to understand how well the customer was served and how quickly the issue was resolved. And this is just the tip of iceberg in terms of the number of ways in which can AI can help companies deliver better customer services.

Best Technical support solutions powered by AI

The ‘Artificial intelligence in India’ study conducted by PwC India clearly points out that “With the increase in businesses providing personalised service to customers for a premium, people are willing to pay the extra price for customised and superior service by AI. However, they still need ‘human touch’ whenever required and cannot completely rely on having a fully functional artificially intelligent customer service system.” When looking at the broader trends, companies are relying on advanced AI powered solutions that can perform data analysis, natural language processing, closed loop process automation and more to deliver more meaningful best technical support.

Companies that offer the best AI tech support employ a range of tools that act as the first line of contact for customers. Access to the right information in the quickest possible timeframe can reduce customer interaction times while offering intelligent solutions to complex problems. Organisations can start by identifying the patterns in customer queries to zero in on the type of queries that appear the most and deploy tools to better address them. For starters, such queries when addressed properly, will help customer service teams focus on higher level issues that need more time and expertise to solve.

AI based chat support is now as abundant as air

These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find leading companies that do not offer the best chat support solutions, best RPA software as part of their vision to offer the best customer service solutions. In a challenging customer landscape, highly competitive companies cannot afford to lose their customers to competitors who serve them round-the-clock using the best available technologies and tools. The best RPA automation software and the best RPA chat support programs come handy in this process. More than saving time and effort, chat bots can offer customers a more personalised service experience that is available to them any time they need it. The best RPA chat support, best RPA software practices in this regard lie in interacting with customers using preset responses to standard questions, and then eventually handing over the conversation to a real customer service representative to increase the chances of efficient redressal.

Another key reason why companies are leveraging the power of AI and RPA powered chat support is the scalability factor. As a one-time investment, such solutions can be constantly updated and upgraded to offer precise solutions and recommendations that work for the both customer as well as the company. Leading companies that have deployed AI powered chat programs are already seeing positive results in terms higher customer satisfaction levels, lower waiting times, and better productivity from customer service teams. Quick resolution of customer issues also results in a better brand image for the company and cements its reputation as an organisation that doesn’t leave any stone unturned to deliver the perfect customer service experience.