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Effortless Transition To Remote Work With Phykon Solutions Sydney

Phykon solutions Sydney: The pandemic is upending business operations across the globe. Containment measures and lockdowns have made work from home the most feasible option to continue day-to-day business operations. Traditional workplaces are undergoing major transformations to adapt to the new normal. Business owners are rallying to implement remote work arrangements and to make the transition seamless. While some businesses struggle to manage the new challenges, some others handle this situation wisely. Partnering with an experienced third-party service provider like Phykon solutions Sydney will help you manage these new challenges efficiently.

Employee safety is a top priority during these tough times. It is essential to follow government protocols strictly and to maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. Remote work is the need of the hour to ensure business continuity and to stay afloat. Motivate and keep your employees engaged during remote work. Organizations and IT experts are working relentlessly to offer seamless remote work environments. While the focus seems to be more on ‘work from home’, they actually aim to facilitate work from anywhere. Employees will gradually get to a mode, where they could potentially work from anywhere depending on their job characteristics. It brings flexibility to several industries but can be exacerbating for others. Different industries adopt remote work to varying degrees. There are several services that cannot be delivered from remote work environments. For instance, the manufacturing and automobile industry cannot perform all their activities from remote environments. 

Challenges Associated With Remote Work 

Remote employees would face the lack of face-to-face interaction, isolation, distractions from home and a lot more. And so a remote work environment must not pile on more difficulties. Employees must not feel the absence of a well-structured working environment which they normally experience in their offices. Ensuring easy communications, monitoring productivity, maintaining accountability and tracking performance of remote team members are some of the challenges to be addressed when transitioning into remote work mode. Phykon solutions Sydney can offer technical support to SMBs struggling to shift to remote work environments. You can tackle all these challenges and ensure remote enablement with robust security and continued operational performance.

Employees of small and medium enterprises may not have enough remote work experience. This inexperience, along with the lack of necessary infrastructure and security threats can worsen the situation. Remote work environments pose technology challenges that IT teams of small businesses cannot handle. Added to this is the fact that traditional IT support systems are designed for offices where all employees are under one roof. They may not have the necessary IT infrastructure to support a complete transition to remote work. 

Many organizations are not in a position to provide their workforce with authorised, secure laptops to access business applications. A typical home network is made of consumer-grade network equipment. It may not be efficient enough to handle the load when all family members use it simultaneously. Inappropriate network equipment and configuration mistakes can cause bandwidth bottlenecks. Remote employees often face issues with real-time services like VoIP and video calls. 

Remote employees working on complex projects with large teams find it difficult to communicate among team members. It is also difficult to track the progress and status of various tasks performed by team members spread across different locations. Managers fear reduced employee productivity due to the lack of in-person oversight. 

Organizations report a rise in the number of IT support tickets filed by remote workers. It is essential to make significant changes in your IT infrastructure and remote IT support to implement remote work environments. Phykon solutions Sydney will help you set off on the right foot to facilitate a seamless transition to remote or hybrid work environments, with round-the-clock IT support. 

Process Automation To Ease Challenges And Reduce Risks

It is imperative to digitize, automate and streamline as many business processes as possible to ensure uninterrupted workflow. Automation helps you kick-start and adapt to a remote work environment without affecting productivity or compromising quality. Automation of repetitive tasks will help your employees deliver more, faster and keep them motivated. Business process automation can improve the efficiency of your workforce both in-office and at home. Phykon solutions Sydney enables process automation with RPA which will bring you endless possibilities. Process automation is extremely relevant in remote work environments as it takes away many risks associated with the execution of business processes. Automated internal work processes ensure tasks are completed and nothing slips through the cracks. You gain visibility into your teams’ work output and can make sure that operational performance remains unaffected. Your employees can continue to access information and documents wherever they are, in a secure way. Work continues, uninterrupted. Automation will also enable you to achieve high levels of consistency in service delivery and ensure compliance. 

ERP To Aid Remote Teams

Automated ERP solutions eliminate the need to spend time navigating through multiple systems and applications. ERP allows businesses to manage and coordinate multiple tasks from a single platform. It is highly beneficial in remote work environments as it rules out confusions and reduces operational errors. An integrated system will eliminate communication barriers among geographically separated employees. Remote employees can get access to real-time data and view the status of each task by logging in to the ERP system.  The built-in dashboards and workflow in ERP will make remote reporting easier. The unified platform will allow remote team members to easily reallocate tasks and automatically notify all team members about the change.

ERP platforms will give your employees better visibility into the projects they are working on, employee timesheets and more. It also allows the managers to analyze the performance of each employee even without face-to-face interaction or close supervision. Weekly submissions, task completion time and error logs can be easily monitored from a single platform. Automated workflows and proper record management with ERP will enable you to improve operational efficiencies in a remote work environment. There is no limit to the adaptability of ERP systems as it is open to endless customization. Automated ERP solution from Phykon solutions Sydney comes with unlimited customization and personalization benefits. It can work well with your remote working needs. 

Remote IT support

Organization’s demand for IT tools that support remote working has increased significantly. Remote IT support services can act as the local single point of contact for any enterprise that needs to execute quickly. It can easily deploy organisation-specific processes remotely, over secure systems.

Phykon solutions Sydney has extensive experience, capability and expertise to deliver IT support services during an emergency or otherwise. In fact, Phykon ensured rapid deployment of remote work environments at scale at the start of the pandemic for its own employees, successfully. Phykon enables intelligent collaboration through advisory, implementation and management of platforms for video conferencing to ensure day-to-day work activities continue uninterrupted. Solutions are also available to assist teams that may need extra networking capacity to enable better, more cohesive work.

Security is a major focus due to the fact that organisations are now increasingly vulnerable, with an increased threat risk. Phykon provides advisory and implementation services as remote working capabilities are extended from VPN access to protect IP and data, device endpoints and networks. Another aspect in a remote work environment that enables teamwork is remote access to applications. Remote access solutions such as virtual desktops, virtualised legacy applications to enable remote access, supporting cloud-based access to programs and information, etc. increase employees’ mobility and flexibility to access information from any location and any device.


Outsourcing will help your business overcome the budget constraints and lack of employee availability during this crisis. The best IT outsourcing service providers can offer 24/7 IT support to your remote employees. Adapting to significant changes in business processes and new infrastructure needs can be challenging especially during unprecedented times. Phykon’s IT team can deliver technical expertise and insights without having to travel between locations. We assess an organisation’s ability to extend its infrastructure to enable remote working and determine additional needs and required capacity. In cases where provisioning of company-owned systems is difficult or expensive, or when the supply chain is disrupted, we can enable remote work environments with employees’ own devices with the right security reinforcements. Third-party outsourcing service providers like Phykon can help you with the rapid deployment of remote work environments. 

The pandemic has brought a unique set of challenges and all businesses may not have enough time and resources to sort things out. Phykon solutions Sydney will help you easily adapt to the new normal and work seamlessly with remote teams.