Integrated eCommerce Solutions Australia To Supercharge Small and Medium Businesses

Integrated eCommerce Solutions Australia To Supercharge Small and Medium Businesses

Integrated eCommerce Solutions Australia: The digital era has drastically transformed business transactions which remained more or less the same for years. All these years, we followed the standard practice of visiting a brick and mortar store to buy products. Customers directly visited the store to make a purchase. Businesses had to store all their products locally to make it available to the customer at the earliest. Consumers found it difficult to source products that were not available in their location.

However, the growth of eCommerce has changed this scenario. It has opened up new opportunities and has provided a better experience to both customers and business owners. It has transformed the way we interact with businesses and buy their product and services. Now, most of the purchases are made online without ever visiting a physical storefront. Even if customers visit a brick and mortar store, it is usually done after online research. The Internet allows users to search and extract any information from anywhere. Similarly, it has left us with the urge to shop online. eCommerce solutions in Australia have been helping SMEs follow this trend. It empowers customers to purchase products or services from anywhere and at any time.

eCommerce platforms have now become the most preferred medium for shopping as it is quick, convenient and user-friendly. Customers now have multiple channels at their disposal. Hence, it is important for businesses of all sizes to adopt integrated eCommerce strategies. The absence of eCommerce sites or the use of outdated ones can negatively impact small businesses. Buyers often search online to find nearby stores and to check product availability. Small businesses may lose out to larger companies if they lack a strong online presence.

Many small businesses have now realized the importance of having an eCommerce platform. They know that online shopping is not only beneficial for customers but also for retailers too. For this reason, small businesses are running online stores along with their physical store. eCommerce solutions in Australia provide a comprehensive range of benefits to small and medium enterprises. It enables small businesses to keep pace with competitors while opening up new opportunities for revenue as well. The key benefits include the following:

  • Reduced operational cost: Running an eCommerce site requires comparatively less investment than running a physical store.
  • Brick and mortar stores are limited by geographical areas whereas location and time zone does not matter in online stores.
  • Increase in revenue.
  • Boost brand awareness.
  • Increased customer acquisition.
  • Increased word of mouth recommendations through social media.
  • Better insight into customer buying behaviour.
  • Improved marketing ROI

Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Integrated eCommerce solutions combine eCommerce sites with  ERP or business automation solutions at the back end. Organizations usually rely on a number of platforms and applications to run their business operations. They maintain multiple databases for POS or ERP systems, eCommerce, and other sales channels. This causes systems to work in isolation from one another. It won’t allow systems to communicate with each other and results in a disconnected experience throughout the business journey. 

Why It Matters?

Are you a small business owner, looking out for an easy-to-use ERP system that fits your business and at the same time powers your online business? Then, look no further. Phykon’s eCommerce solutions give you exactly that.

We know that carrying out your eCommerce functions with disconnected systems is both costly and time-consuming. You may get overwhelmed when you have to constantly feed information to multiple systems. You will have to supply shipping/tracking information, inventory updates, and more between your eCommerce platforms and ERP or POS system. Today, SMEs have a number of options to choose from. eCommerce solutions in Australia offer integrated platforms that let you connect your eCommerce site with backend systems.

The inability to successfully track and process orders from multiple channels can have severe impacts on customer retention and brand reputation. An integrated eCommerce system eliminates such errors and delays by storing all product information and inventory levels in one database. Small businesses cannot ignore the benefits of having an integrated eCommerce solution.

However, it is important to choose the right service provider and most suitable integration approach. Mismanaged projects can make your processes too complex and consume a lot of time and money. It can negatively affect both employee and customer experience resulting in poor satisfaction ratings and lost sales. You may be planning to use an integrated eCommerce system for the first time or replace an existing system. eCommerce solutions in Australia can help you with both.

What Does It Offer?

Integrated eCommerce systems can offer SMEs the combined benefits of all connected systems. Together, these systems allow the integrated eCommerce solution to function as a sales and marketing powerhouse. It stores real-time data about your inventory, orders, prospects, customers, and missed opportunities. It offers businesses the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell and view historical analytics in a comprehensive report. 

Businesses should constantly keep in touch with customers and should always be ready to answer potential customer queries. The information you provide should be right and true to your knowledge. It will help you establish a sense of trust. Integrated eCommerce solutions offer the following:

  • Streamlines eCommerce workflow
  • Enable order processing and management through a single platform.
  • Provide essential information about product variants, sizes and price.
  • Collects customer reviews and ratings from multiple channels.
  • Generate detailed customer personas.
  • Makes it easier to find contact information, such as a phone number, email, social media profiles, etc.
  • Helps in deciding when to offer seasonal pricing,  coupons or discounts.
  • Aids in generating engaging content, including blogs, whitepapers, and case studies that go inline with your business.
  • Allows you to create, schedule, and review social media posts on your preferred social media platforms.
  • Let you display professional product images, product information, and customer reviews in one platform.
  • Help you create an attractive and user-friendly website design.
  • Design pages that load quickly.
  • Coordinate business functions and automatically align it with marketing objectives.
  • Automated systems reduce manual errors.
  • Automatically nurture or follow up with leads depending on which pipeline they are assigned to.
  • Offers cross-selling and up-selling capabilities.
  • Monitor all activity in one place.

eCommerce solutions in Australia offer a more effective, streamlined, and automated sales process. Integrated eCommerce solutions make your team more efficient by reducing the amount of time wasted on normally tedious and time-consuming tasks. It helps businesses to complete sales activities that require a human touch with genuine care. When you spend more time with your prospects and customers satisfaction rates, sales and revenue will invariably increase.

When you use your ERP system to power your online store, you are effectively cutting costs and time and delivering more value. You are utilising something you have already invested time and money in — giving you that quick start. And ultimately, you will be delivering a value-added shopping experience. All in all, a definite win-win.